* Militia Misfits * - Active, Friendly Alliance, 7-9* Titans, 3 open spots

Militia Misfits is recruiting for 3 active players

  • Current Alliance Stats:
    - Average Defense Team Power: 3570
    - Average Player Level: 38
    - Average Cups: 2046
  • We Fight 7-9* Titans.
  • Everyone uses flags for wars, we enjoy coordinating and using different strategies.
  • Active, friendly International Alliance with members from all over the globe.
  • Primary Language: English
  • Discord is our primary information sharing method.
  • Family Friendly
  • Our members are very experienced and willing to help with any aspect of the game.
  • This alliance was built by Mrs BCW. She has moved on to the Crystal Knights but communicates with us. You can find her shout-outs from Razor on TitanMafia.com. She’s made a great place to grow and learn.

We’d prefer a player with 1200+ trophies, but we are flexible. If you love the game and want to join us, let me know and we can lower the requirement.

Search “Militia Misfits” and Join us!

I am a former member of the Militia Misfits. I recently moved on because I was ready to try my hand with high level titans. I have to say though, leaving was very hard because these guys and gals are a great, great group. I was with them for almost a year and it was like a family. Just a tremendous experience. Maybe even better than a family because there was no drama whatsoever!

Whether you are a newer player looking to learn or a more advanced player looking to share your knowledge, there’s something there for almost everyone. I highly recommend this group.

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