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Hello Fellow Forum Runners!

@Mad1max9 and Smaug here inviting you to join us in our discussion of all things :athletic_shoe: running :athletic_shoe:.

Open to ALL! The running community is a diverse and welcoming place, which is what this space will always strive to be. Whether you love to log long miles, enjoy hiking/interval running in nature :deciduous_tree:, or are simply interested in the topic, we would love to hear from you.

And maybe some of our musical mavens like @Luna will pop in from time to time with some great tune recommendations for our playlists. :musical_note::two_hearts:

This is a place for support, encouragement, and likely much commiseration :wink: Running is awesome but as we know often a labor of love.

So let’s lace up and have a great start to 2024! :athletic_shoe::heart:


I used to love running. I’d run 7 miles a day five days a week. Then I developed IT band issues.
It’s a strange pain because it’s not necessarily painful and doesn’t really affect the running itself.

I run a few miles once a week nowadays as part of my exercise regiment. It’s enjoyable but I can’t go too hard because I feel slight flare ups from time to time.


As promised replying to you here :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve never run the NYC marathon before but I have so many friends who have! We go almost every year to cheer on the runners. You would LOVE the energy. It is absolutely electric and will restore all your faith in humanity. I lose my voice for two days after going because of all the cheering, but to see the joy and encouragement it gives the runners is worth every second of exhaustion. Especially since cheering is much easier than running it. :joy: NYC gets a rep for being filled with cold people, but that’s really never been true. Friendly? No. But caring? Yes. :wink:

I never did road running until Covid when there were so few cars out. It felt safer and also just easier than driving out to the trails at first. A completely different animal for sure! Trail running will always be my go to, but I do a mix of both. Sometimes I do feel like I’m flying when I go from trail training to a road run even though I’m still not “fast” at all :rofl:

At this point I will be grateful for any running my body can do as I ease back into it. Likely intervals for quite awhile which is how I started running in the first place. If I can find my nonexistent patience, then I’ll be all set :innocent:


Ruskin I’m so happy to see you here! :slightly_smiling_face: I am sorry to hear of your injury though. When you do run these days where are your favorite places to run?


7 was my sweet spot back when I was really running often. What do you do for your IT band issues? I don’t know much, but I remember reading about strength training to support some of that.

What shoes have you found to work best for you? I loved Pearls until they went biking primarily. Couldn’t find a Saucony that felt good so I stuck with ASICS.


Oh great thread, I used to run a lot and just getting back to it. I did a 10k for charity in London a few years ago. I loved it and saw London in a way I’ve never seen before. The buzz of seeing my wife pregnant with our first child at the finish line was something else.

My life ambition is to complete a marathon, the older I’m getting the more I know I need to focus and just do one.

I used to have an annual fitness test for work, even though I knew I could pass, myself and others would always get the butterflies before lol.

My brother enjoys running, he’s done a few marathons, sadly we don’t have much else in common nowadays but that’s not important here. Anyways I bought him a book called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, perhaps some you fellow runners might enjoy it too.

I also love the app Zombie Run do you know it?

For me running on a promenade is true freedom.


You did it!!! Blessings just keep coming. I wonder if starting this topic excited you as much as finding that you had did for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It was lightly raining earlier so it looks like my run today will have to come AFTER Christmas cookies and carols. :christmas_tree:

Have you ever had a fake snowball fight? Put up the breakables, put on a little silliness, and prepare to laugh until you cry-

To keep on topic, I’d like to see a Snowball Fight 5K with “pelting stations” along the way. :rofl::snowman:


I don’t think I belong in this thread :sweat_smile:


:ghost:! Happy to have you here :blush: This is such a beautiful sentiment. I agree that having loved ones at the finish line is the best reward after a race! My kids usually run the last bit with me.

I don’t know the Zombie app but I shall have to look into it now. Thanks!


Yay! Your happiness makes me happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am starting to be convinced that your family is actually the cast of a Hallmark movie and I adore it.

So while you were writing your post, I was quite literally in the middle of an indoor snowball fight with my youngest :joy: We have had them for years and they get used pretty much everyday. My husband is….less into them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I would be totally into being pelted with snowballs while I ran. That is right up my alley haha

No run for me today or the next couple days. Although I have been on my feet so much that I’m still averaging 13,000 steps a day :face_with_spiral_eyes: My youngest turns 10 tomorrow and I am also hosting Christmas the day after. Just finished threading invisible filament into floating candles to emulate The Great Hall. Yep, it’s a Harry Potter theme and he’s a Ravenclaw! I never would’ve thought Harry Potter decorating was good cross training, but indeed it is. The cursing I let out definitely burned some calories :upside_down_face:

Enjoy the caroling my friend! :notes::christmas_tree:


Dearest Puffin you belong everywhere, especially if I’m there. Besides you would provide wonderful air support during runs. Think of all the snacks you could airdrop :wink: Although you can save the fish for the gents. I’ll take some chocolate covered espresso beans instead. Perfect snack on the run!


Maybe tomorrow…


:joy: I love this song. It actually would fit well into my playlist might just add it!

As I started running longer distances I had to keep finding new music for my playlist. I hate to repeat songs on a run. And looking at it now I realize that at good number of my songs have run in the title:

  • I Ran (So Far Away) - A Flock of Seagulls
  • Run Run Run - Jill Scott (one of my faves)
  • Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé
  • Long Train Runnin’ - The Doobie Brothers
  • Run Through the Jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Runnin’ - Creed II Soundtrack (AS$P Rocky & Ludwig Göransson)

It’s like I have to remind myself to keep running :upside_down_face::wink:

Although I dare anyone to find a jauntier song to run to than “Far From Over” by Frank Stallone. From the Stayin’ Alive soundtrack. I manage to time it with the toughest parts of my runs because I will never walk with it on!


Snacks incoming. Look out below…


My general approach to running is that I secretly hate it so I have to make it as easy as possible to do and as hard as possible to stop. The ideal route is a flat trail (with mile markings) that goes out half the distance I plan on running so I can turn around and run the other way back.

So my route always starts shortly outside of my house. The idea of driving somewhere, knowing I’d have to pee the moment I get there, not having a place to pee, and then mentally prepping myself for that run will just ruin the run itself. When I was at my running peak, my apartment building had access to a paved trail on the other side of the parking lot. I would run 2 miles out, turn around and come back.

When I ran 7 miles, I had a 3.5 path of sidewalks out so I could turn around and do that back. The more turns, stop lights, stop signs, and anything that makes me stop is a mental fight that would require me to rethink if I still want to run. The reason I like to run far away and then run back is that I know the fastest way home is to keep running.

I also like to know the route, know where my mile markers are, and know how i’m doing on time. My wife likes to randomly make turns in a neighborhood whenever we run. I hate it. I have to mentally know how much is left and how I’m progressing.

Right now I have a few 3-4 mile loops (that are similar to dog walking routes I take).

If I only want to do a mile, I can run on a track, but that’s way to easy to stop at any point I want. Otherwise it meets a lot of the critiera I look for (and the high school sports practice adds some extra entertainment value).

Rest is really the only thing you can do, which is partially how I stopped running (I also found biking more fun). If strength training is an answer, I am partially surprised as I would consider myself more of a weightlifter per se than a runner (I played American football in high school as an offensive and defensive lineman. Back then a 2 mile run was tough, but squatting 300 pounds was part of a warmup))

I never got too into running shoes and generally used whatever was cheap. This may have led to some injuries. Nowadays, I generally wear Nike running shoes as my normal sneakers (I walk my dogs several miles a day), so they are also my running shoes.

A work sponsored charity runs are how I got into running a lot more.



That’s the best feeling ever

I need to start running again :running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2:

My medal from 2016

Happy Xmas everyone


Just an amazing book

Truely inspirational


Also tagging some keen runners

@Harlikwen :green_heart: did the Great North run this year

@Ripobin_The_First :green_heart: runs half marathons every year in London


Love this! I’m about to go for a one.

I started running about 12 years ago, running 10k’s every year until about 2016. I then fell out of the habit, before starting again during COVID as a way to keep my sanity. I was aiming to do more 10ks but instead, as Luna said, I’ve been doing a half marathon a year.

It’s good to have something to aim for.

I aim for a minimum of 3 5k runs a week, but don’t always make it.

I recommend “What I talk about when I talk about running” by Murakami.

And “Trouble’s Coming” by Royal Blood is an immense running track.


My fav book from my all time fav author

Promise, I will not be posting my Spotify running list here! I believe it is for a 5 hour run :green_heart: just in case! I’m putting on my running shoes next week just recovering from a nasty chest infection / covid / influenza or whatever