🤺 Milady de Winter – 5* Ice / Blue from Brave Musketeers

Good pads? And those that go with one color instead of, for example, three, they are not needed? There are three cards to speed up here. She’s not so free with them. It wasn’t done in the video, I’ll do a longer rally when it’s max. For me, even outside of the assault, it’s brilliant.

Oh what’s her synergy with C2 Quintus out of curiousity, is there something I’m missing? :sweat_smile:

With MA in tank, attacker would bring some form of block to fend off Quintus. That buff would just bounce back to the defence, if Milady activates early enough.

Leaving the attacker open to MA again.

Attacker has to block defence buffs and at the same time apply block buff. Both ideally in the same colour so that they activate together.

Imagine this would be for Rush. Mana speed not relevant unless can count down to 5 tiles.


Do you think this lady is worth ascending for the family bonus with 2 other musketeers (I have D’Artagnan & Aramis being done soon) - for the sake of 100% cover? I’m only asking because I was going to prioritise other blue heroes first but if the family bonus is that good she may jump the queue. I’m not just thinking about rush where she’ll shine most but also war/tournament/normal defence etc.


I took her all the way but I did it specifically for offensive rush. I’m not sure you should prioritize her simply for the family bonus she’s good but I’ve taken her on a few raids and her speed has held her back from being the star of the show (even with level 30 magic troops) I suggest if you have the time to do it …play with her (&family) at 3/70 for a while and then see how you feel about her/them … good luck my friend and congratulations on having not just one but 3 musketeers! Wow :blush:


I like your take on it. However. When she is paired with heroes that increase mana each turn like Costume Ariel, Wow. It makes Milady a beast even in regular speed wars and PVP Attacks. She is an offensive powerhouse against almost any defense but of course it is not a swiss army knife so one has to still pick opponents wisely. So in certain situations she is A+ all day but since the game is so diverse she is a solid B or B+ hero just because she stands alone and unique with her abilities. For now.