Miki special skill bug?

I just start using miki and it looks like the atak buff is not going over 130% i’m using mana potions to test it and when i use the skill seacond time the atak buff is still on 130% i tryed to put the videos here but the format is not accepted.

It doesn’t stack with her own skill. Try with BT.

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A second use of the special only resets the time duration.

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it shoudn’t go to 170%?

As above, recasting of the same status effect doesn’t double it or anything, just resets the duration.

The text in the special skill saying “stacks with similar effects” means exactly that. SIMILAR. Not identical.

So will stack with someone like Boldtusk or Ranvir or Khiona or Black Knight etc…

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Identical effects never stack in the game unless explicitly stated in the description. For instance, Valeria’s special stacks with itself as stated in the description.

The target receives 150 damage over 5 turns. If a target already has this effect, the duration will be refreshed and the damage will be increased by 220, up to 580 damage in total.

But it looks is going over 170% with other buffs…

Thanks a lot for unsers. I understand now

Miki does only +130% up to 170% attack bonus for normal attacks, meaning

  • tiles when attacking
  • slash attacks when defending

Thats why the damage is not shown in the tooltip! Because IF it was, it wouldnt be clear when it comes to calculation of damage of special abilities.

Also, I think that miki/tarlak buffs are not countered with regular attack downers like scarlett.

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