Miki or Richard

Hi everyone. I have Miki and Richard. Whom to level up first - I already have Tarlak fully maxed?!
Thx everyone for your input.

Keep on fighting against the titan but never forget to brush your teeth!

You’ll see the benefit of miki at 3/70 so unless your alliance is prepping for 13/14s, I’d leave him there for now.

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I would go for Miki first. Miki is useful on titan but events too. Have you other blue 5* ascended?

Thx. Have Perseus and Thorne.

Miki is better than Tarlak for every titan except green and blue. Bigger attack boost, lasts 5 turns as opposed to 4 turns, and 4-turn silence is better than the heal over 4 turns.

The other way of looking at it though; Miki may be better, but he’s not bringing much new to the table either. Also if you want a good hero for your defense team (either war or regular raid) then Richard is much better.

He already has persee for that. I keep my ifrst choice, Miki.

OK. Maybe I’ll bring both to 3/70 and decide then. Depends on my mats and what other heroes are in my rooster. Thank you all.

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