Miki or Raffaelle

Hi guys please some advice, who should I level 1st? Miki or Raffaele? Thanks in advance for all replies :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends on what you need more, a healer or someone who silences specials.

Personally, I’d go with Miki.


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Another vote for Miki. Best titan hero and also excellent on hard map stages and rush tournaments.


Miki would be my choice

Neither are great for pvp

But miki is great for pvE such as titans and possibly world map or quests(haven’t used him in neither but really bout the only place slow heroes are still relevant outside of titans)

Raffaele is somethin you’ll get by just fine without, not a difference maker

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Miki. If you need a blue healer and don’t have Ariel, go with Kiril.

Even with Tarlak and Gazelle as the +100% damage amplifiers, I still am hunting to get Miki. He is seen as the best of the fearsome foursome (also including Ranvir), not in the least because his “only when the enemy has more health” part of his special never really matters with the Titan. There is a nice comparison thread somewhere on the forum. But to make it simple: the special of Miki is far more rare than that of Raffaele. Even a (costumed) Kiril with average mana can help there, besides Ariel or (costumed) Rigard as very good healers.

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In my honest opinion, I would focus on Miki first.
With Raffaele it depends what other 5* healers you have.
If you have 2 or 3 then I wouldn’t rush him.
If you have none then he is better than none at all.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I honestly don’t see Rafaelle finding a spot in the current Meta Considering he’s both Slow and Blue. Bringing Slow heroes to Telluria Wars is pretty hard, Bringing Blue heroes to Telluria Wars ends up being sub-optimal. Bringing one that’s both, well, kinda hard to justify.

That said, I’ve been using My Miki on every 14* titan (except for blue one 'cause I have Tarlak) since I got him last year and mine is at 3.70. Since i would have no use for him outside of titans and I can bring itens on titans to ensure his effectivenes I didn’t see a point in giving him Telescopes!

My advice? Take both to 3.70 and play around, if you feel your Rafa needs to survive more for Raids, max him, if you dont get used to Miki at 3.70 on titans, Max him.

Kiril is even more awesome with Costume bonus, lv5 troop makes him charge along with fast herores

Yeah don’t have other 5* healer only have Rigard and Boltusk which they are both brilliant, do you think we can use Miki and Wu Kong together for titans? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

For slow heal, go for Raffaele. Not only does it differ from the most common suggestions here, you also stand out as the oddball.

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Rafaelle if you don’t have any 5* healers. They are rare, trust me (got my first after playing for 1 year). Miki works okay until 9* titans or so, so he can wait if you’re not slaying such titans. That being said I use Miki also on Events and harder quests, that attack boost and silence do wonders.

Also, Wu and Miki are usable together, but it is absolutely NOT recommended because Miki makes attack bonus cap at certain value but the team gets full percentage of misses from Wu, so it is not beneficial at all. Just stick with Miki.

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Thanks for your reply and yes I imagined the limit from Miki but didn’t know if the miss thing would stay on, as it stays on no point in using both, thanks a lot for your info :+1:

Don’t have either but Miki

As far as who to level first, it’s not even a discussion. Take Miki to at least 3/70 ASAP.

For final ascension it’s a bit more interesting. But personally I’d go with Miki unless you’re taking on single digit star titans, or you don’t have any other 5 star healers.

Miki is very good for Titan and Raid/War offense
Rafaelle is a healer, which you may need him first as a healer. If you do not need a healer for a reason. Go for Miki…

I have both Miki and Raffaele. I maxed Miki first. I use him against titans primarily. I’m working on Raffaele now. I have a need for 5* healers. I have him at 3/70 now. I’ll probably take him to 4/80 since I have the ascension materials already to ascend him. He will come in handy in all kinds of situations.

Depending on “your” need, you can’t go wrong with either one.

Time to revive this post but asking for which is better tank? I’m going to flank them with grave maker and Tyr, and then put teluria and Kingston in the wings.
In my head this forces choices between tank popping and being weak against the primary red green blue colors

I’m open to thoughts on this strategy and suggestions

100% not Raffaele. A passive slow hero as tank will act as a tile dump allowing specials to be charged without repercussion. Miki is not ideal either but would be more punishing if you dont have another option

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