Miki or Athena?

Hello together,

I ask for your advice - to whom should I give my 6 telescopes?

Athena or Miki - both are on 3/70.

Since I have further 6 telescopes probably in 6 months, I do not want to make a mistake.

Miki is strong on titans. Athena would be a big help in wars, PVP and for red titans.

I already have on 4/80:

Ranvir (for Titans)
Magni, Frida & Isarnia (blue 5 stars)

If there are coming 13/ 4 star titans, I would prefer Miki, otherwise Athena. What is your opinion ?

Thank you

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Athena’s defense reduction also helps against Titans, and she is much more versatile. I vote for her.


You already have Ranvir and excellent choices for blue color stacking, I would go with Athena.

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Athena is really good for every titan.

Do her.

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In my honest opinion, both heroes are really good, but I would level Athena first

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Athena …

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Unless you are hitting 11* (or highter) titans - go with Athena. Miki will work just fine at 3.70 for titans at 10* and lower. Miki can be used on higher titans at 3.70 if paired with Wilbur.

Like others said - Athena’s defense down can help do serious dmg everywhere - PVE/War/Raids/Titans.


I´m in an Top100 Alliance and we hit 12 star titans, but I will choose Athena first.
She´s more variable.



Can’t add any additional words of wisdom. Ditto to the above messages. :slight_smile:


I concur with @Math4lyfe 's assessment of the situation.


I think that means he has the ones that follow in that list at 4.80. See the post again, the heroes after it are maxed. Ranvir, etc…

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thank you I would guess you are correct

Athena for more versatility.

Miki is almost purely for titans and rush tournament.

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