Miki on Mythic? Concern

Concerning the attack bonus:

I noticed that on my later flags when Miki was crazy debuffed, and he died before firing, my hits were just as good as when he did fire.

I notice the same watching YouTube video, people are hitting just as hard on Norns/Chameleon hits that exclude Miki.

So how would this happen? Miki’s attack bonus requires the enemy to have more health than the attacker…

The Mythic Titan has no health bar…

(I assumed the health was just coded as some atronmical number and no bar was out on the UI… But I don’t know that)

Anyways, I don’t have any hard numbers to prove or disprove this. Any input or research into it would be cool though.

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Also, forgot to say… IF he’s not working , I really don’t care. I just want to know if I should exclude him in my stack lol

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Miki still does factor. But even if you have him against titans, if there are very few favorable tiles on the board, the team without Miki may still score higher if they got abundant favorable tiles in it.

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I think the OP is reporting that before and after firing Miki the tile damage isn’t affected, not that the total damage is unchanged. Obviously total damage depends on board luck with the tiles, but if individual tile damage isn’t affected, then there may be an issue.

I could see the OP’s logic, they could have coded the Mythic Titan to have 0, or -1 so he couldn’t be killed, but given Miki’s special being dependent on the enemy needed higher health, that would mess up the mechanics.

It would be interesting if anyone has reported the same with Ranvir, since his special is affected the same way.

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