Miki, Melia and Brienne Combination Question

I have used these 3 for our current titan and have done the best I have ever done. I did something like 42k damage and then 51k damage in single turns. Usually, I do 15 - 20k avg, with the occasional 25k.

I understand Miki’s +attack stacks up to 170% total, I currently have him on 115% (5/8 special skill - not even ascended once yet). Brienne is +45% attack, and Melia is +36% Critical attack.

Do ALL 3 stack, because Melia’s “critical attack” is different from a regular +attack, or is it only stacking to the 170%? Am I getting the 170% AND +36% critical?

Thanks in advance and sorry if that’s a stupid question.

Yes they will stack just fine


Yes you are. Crit buff is different from brienne attack buff and mikis normal attack buff.


As others said, yes, they stack, just also adding a link to this for anyone who stumbles onto this thread in the future:


Thanks everyone. It definitely did seem like they were stacking but I just figured I would ask to make 100% certain.



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