Miki HOTM review from reddit

Miki HOTM review from reddit

Miki’s middle-of-the-road stats fall below the modern five star hero and compares more similarly to Sartana who also has a %Avg of 57%. Player’s should appreciate that as a buff/utility hero, Miki’s stats are weighted towards his Def, to keep him alive longer so that he can provide that support. The huge normal Atk buff will lead to Tarlak comparisons, who has an Avg% of 56%, weighted heavily towards Atk.

Miki’s passive resistance has almost no targets, really just Peters and himself. A brief forum search did not reveal whether effect from Merlin/Hansel work on Miki but I believe they do (Miki’s resistance does not work). Can someone confirm in the comments?

The Barbarian class gives a chance at inflicting a small damage over time to an enemy Miki damages with a normal attack. A little synergy can be seen as Miki teams can be built around tile damage.

This was a review I found from reddit. He makes a good Titan hitter for people like me who don’t have the hunters lodge yet. Would he be good to group with Tarlak and Wilbur? I think if I did both I wouldn’t have room for a healer and a few hitters. Maybe if I upgrade troops more? image

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