Miki attack

Hello everyone… I have a question… Miki’s attack it’s stack on 170%, yes? This damage is on tile or on special skill? For example Boldtsuk with miki… From Boldtsuk is 48% + attack and from miki 130% + attack… This stack on 170%+ attack,i mean 130% from Miki and from Boldtsuk another 40%. Is this on tile or special skill. Thnks a lot, sorry from my english

You are correct. His special effects tiles. He’s a beast. I carry him to every Titan battle that doesn’t reflect Ice. His Silence has saved my ■■■ MANY times.

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And why didn’t show me that?..when i push on the Hero… Were they show The attack should have to write with Green line The + of attack, no? Why didn’t happening that?

It’s indicated differently that the typical attack buff. The “Muscle Arm” Indicates his special is active. Keep in mind it only effects enemies that have a higher health score than he does.

Didn’t use in The map…use on titan

I have the same question. I feel like this this topic has not yet been fully discussed and I’m not happy with that answer. The card says:
All allies get +130% normal attack that only applies when the enemy has more HP than the attacker. Stacks with simlar status effects up to a maximum of +170% normal attack.
These +130% normal attack isn’t the same as e.q. Kirils’s attack boost right? So how should it be possible to get +170% normal attack? I thought two Miki’s would fix the issue but nah. Can anyone explain this a little bit further to me? In my understanding it should be possible to get these +170% from Miki AND e.q. these +30% attack from Kiril, isn’t it? These two abbilities are also shown seperatelly so… Makes no sense to me to state that it’s possible to get +170% and then it shows only +130% all the time.
Thanks in advance