Mighty Pets are too hard

Proteus and Gullinbursti are not even remotely OP. And there are tons of dispellers out there that aren’t hard to acquire.

Events should be a challenge, but doable with a wide-range of heroes at each level. This event absolutely fits that criteria.


If that’s the case, that player should build up a functional roster before engaging in events. Dispellers are not paywalled and easily obtainable for everyone.


Hard w/o paying any money, as most summons result in classic heroes

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There are at least 4 classic dispellers: Caedmon, Melendor, Sonya and Sabina. I don’t even look at 5*…


I used this team on Rare for every stage, with those battle items, and hardly used the items. All stages were relatively easy. Waqas got knocked out twice because im stupid and kept hitting reflectors with red tile cascades.

I havent tried epic or legendary yet, but someone in my alliance with a strong roster did ask the same question as you in our alliance chat, so he was clearly finding some levels challenging.

If your hero roster is limited, it will be a challenge. I get through rare because ive been focusing on my rare team recently. My epic team wont make the end unless i blast a load of battle items. Legendary will be a struggle no matter what i do as dont have a broad enough roster.

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feel free to use this if you’re looking for some list ^^

However, the problem here is that the classic heroes are underwhelming compared to the event heroes, so using emblems on them is a waste


Tell it to my “raid without legendary heroes” daily event team: 3 of 5 are S1 heroes (one of them costumed). And I win with this on diamond without problems. They are weaker but they have some key skills, that are hard to find in newer heroes. Especially when you can use their supertalents.
I often use Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus, Chao, Sonya, Kiril, Caedmon, Melendor, Boldtusk or Kelile in war attack teams - they give the capabilities I cannot replace with other heroes.


That’s a mistake. Proteus is useful for all events where purple isn’t reflected. He is also great for rush wars as you can shut down mana for 3 defenders in 6 tiles (assuming you have the right mana/styx/magic troop). Generally speaking if you just want to complete, you can use mana control heroes. For epic I used D’Andre, Proteus, Hansel, Grimm, and Dawn. May use some mana potions, but kept the bosses from firing.

That’s a pretty poor attitude. I raid in Diamond all the time and I use Rigard and Sabina all the time. Then if I need extra dispellers or cleansers, throw in Sonya and Caedmon as required. All emblemed and limit broken. Not to mention the superior talents… it’s fun watching Rigard bounce back Alfrike’s mindless attack.


I find it harder in terms of auto play. I have to manually play much more than in the classic challenge events.

This is a ridiculously flawed point of view.

Those heroes can beat this event. If you have better heroes, then you should be able to beat the event. If you don’t have better heroes, then you should put emblems on those heroes.


It was fun when Bubbles tried to shoot my Rigard in stage 10 of epic :wink: The bosses kept the shifting mindless attack on themselves until their end, I only needed to feed tiles to the one that had it…


Explain that for me, please. I have c.Rigard maxed for LB1.

I can see he cleanses, but what do you mean by bounces back?

Superior talent on original version


Ah thanks for that. I rarely use his standard kit now, and didnt notice that skill. Will give that a try.

When you max out to +20 emblems, S1 heroes’ talents improve. So Rigard’s original mana shield doesn’t just prevent mana status (if it fires), it actually reflects it back to the caster. Still just a percentage, but useful if it works.

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Looks like 47% chance? Given how often 33% chance to revive seems to work for defenders, i’ll take that as 100% to reflect :crazy_face::sweat_smile:

I don’ have his costume, unfortunately.

You dont need it. Just need to blem him to 20.

Edit… which youve clearly done :man_facepalming:

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Yep, I emblem all my S1 heroes to 20 if I only have enough emblems. With others, I usually stop at the last mana node.