Mighty Midwest Marauders

New alliance Mighty Midwest Marauders! Our alliance is open to new or experienced players. We have a core group of 10+ players in the Eastern time zone but are open to all players. We try to provide tips to new players.
Please be active in Titan battles, and in alliance wards if you opt in them.

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Sorry didn’t mean to flag this and I can’t find how to take it off… Looking for new team please check out my post…

Desperately searching for new ALLIANCE

@Mikel: Are you looking for an alliance, and considering Mighty Midwest Marauders? If so, you have their attention. :slight_smile:

@Mikel, we do have 2 open spots, and can used more active players to take down higher level Titans. Feel free to join us!

@Rook, he certainly did :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reminder: The is the Alliance Recruitment thread for Mighty Midwest Marauders ONLY. Please do not post other alliances here; that is rude. :slight_smile:


Thank you for hiding that. Not sure if I had the ability since I created the topic, still new to the forums.


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