Mighty Midwest Marauders has open spots again!

Mighty Midwest Marauders

25/30 - 5 openings

400 Cup Requirement

Currently killing 7* titans. We are a casual family friendly alliance.

We have a discord where we can post helpful links or you can share screenshots if you have more detailed questions that are hard to answer in game chat. Please note it isn’t required, just a resource we can utilize.

For wars we allow free attack to keep things casual, we recommend a same color defensive headpin/tank but if you don’t have a good hero of that color then use your best tank. We are Planning on rotating the war defense headpin/tank monthly for some variety.

Overall we ask that you hit the titan, and minimum of 3 attacks in war (most players use all flags). If you will be on vacation just let us know and opt out of war. Also chat needs to be kept clean as we have minors in the alliance.

Most importantly, have fun, it is a game! Join an alliance that fits what you are looking to do and have time to do.

Mention this post to receive your welcome gift.

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