Might pets, issue shifting mindless attack

1st, shifting mindless attack wears off at the beginning of the turn before the enemy skill is triggered. I’m using waddles and snowball keeps using his skill after I fully fill his special bar and it’s the last turn of the shifting mindless attack skill. Standard mindless attack from Hansel, gretal or Merlin disappear at the end of the enemies turn. Tested repeatedly

Oh, I also noticed you can’t get snowball in summons :thinking:


Snowball and Cinnamon will most likely arrive in the next occurence of the portal.
(We have not seen them in Beta yet).

@PlayForFun we’re is the scoop in event info for general forum? Been awhile but there always been a thread made by someone we’re we can discuss events and be given stats etc… I’m curious as to what was happening in beta and with what’s released. Did everyone know that family trait of 85% from three or more bosses/players would annihilate even the strongest defense?

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Are you looking for the Master topic for the event ?

There is a topic about the 85% damage from the family bonus:

Or you are looking for another topic ?

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I join to bug report.
Video proof is on 16:05: Хатико по центру! Турнир день 3/ Империя пазлов - YouTube
@Petri, @PlayForFun

This bug is too confusing, since debuff status shown, then target suddenly uses normal special instead of mindless attack.

I noticed this too. I always have to time the SMA so that the target will use their special in the first two turns of SMA…

it would sure be nice for it to last for the end of the third turn, if that was what was intended

Thx for the video I have asked Staff to look at it.

Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate this issue here.


What is the verdict on this issue? Version 53 is released, but in release notes, in “changes and improvements”, nothing is mentioned about this.

@Petri here is another instance of shifting mindless attack still not working correctly. The first screenshot below is from a clean-up flag I had used this past war. I targeted MN with Waddles special before it “shifted” to Kalo.

Shifting mindless attack should have kept Kalo from firing this turn. However, Kalo’s special went off anyway, decimating my team by copying Khufu, Goseck, and Wolfgang:

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Can we rename this topic for I mindless attack not working?

I’m on dune world map and the bull is unaffected by mindless attack. His passive say innate ability vs defense. Mindless attack affects specials… his special is still triggering any point of mindless attack when mana full…

Defense means: The number on the Shield icon.
As I see there is no change there. It is 1112 with no reduction.

Only passives / buffs which prevent ailments or prevent blocking the use of special skill can stop the mindless attack to be applied on an enemy.

Ps: As that fact that it has mindless attacks does not means that his passive wll not fire when the mana is full.

I was confused by your statement about defense but I figured it out and bowl is a tricky boss. His regular attack is mindless attack and his passive has 100% to damage enemies. Apparently I am stopping his mindless attack with my own mindless attack. His passive attack is still hitting my heroes. Guess my mindless attack is keeping his mindless attack from targeting one of my heroes.