Might be a bug with tile and hero damage

I am reporting this as a bug as it doesn’t seem right.

This new costume quest, are the heroes powers/damage and tile damage reduced by about half

Example ;

My QoH gives 230% damage which should of been around the 250 to 300 mark but only ever gave a flat 129 or there abouts, no battle has ever taken me this long in any event.

The whole match was like half the normal damage and even with 3 reds it did nothing like I’ve seen in other events. I mean this match took over 20 minutes because I could do any damage.

Just wanted to know if it’s a bug or normal.

Here is a clip for that match

I also compared it since with this clip by another player and there is a big difference in damage for tiles as he is using 3* s and just looking at the red tiles where he only has 1 single red hero is far greater than the tile damage for my 3 four star red heroes.

Just a FYI, you’re comparing your final stage to the other persons stages 1 & 2.

The bosses & mobs will naturally have higher defence and HP in later stages compared to stage 1. Same as in the Class Trials. The bosses & mobs get progressively harder.


7DD just uploaded a video of the Final stage so can compare their tile damage?


Interesting observation. I also thought the stage was exceptionally long. Following…

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Ok so even though he is using 1 five star red hero and using a 5 star team and playing that fast it’s almost impossible to keep up with, ( great interent speed there by the way) (wish we could get those speeds here in AU ) his damage looks ok compared to using a stacked 3 red team and tile damage being so low, I constantly use stacked to mono teams and never ever seen it this bad even in events.

Note i completed the quest on my main acc and didn’t see any issues so this may be an issue limited to some heores only or element as in my clip I didn’t see an issue with my purple hero.


I wouldn’t consider it solved just yet.

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@Ozy1, funny you brought this up. I had the same issues but thought it was just my natural suck coming out. It took me way longer to finish that round, and/or damage QoH than I would have ever expected.

Disclaimer: Old and prone to hallucinations

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