🦅 Mielikki – 4* Nature / Green from Legends of Kalevala

I don’t have Hulda, so for me is a superstar (small but bright!)
also since I don’t have Miki and Tarlak so Bertulf is another great asset!

Mielikki is a poor man’s Hulda!

In this game you should learn to play with the hand you are dealt and above all to have fun
cause otherwise you’ll spent too much and in end you be poor and disappointed!


High score challenge event chasers HELLO :

Is Mielikki 20% mana gen boost enough to completely fill mana bar of a hero with one mana pot and a mana flask : same way like Lancelot fills with 24% mana?

Thank you for answering! :slight_smile:

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Mana potion + Minor Mana = 60 + 25 = 85% mana
With 20% boost, that will be 85 * 1.2 = 102% so I think that’d be a yes


My enthusiasm is because of this:
-She is average, so with the right mana troop becomes essentially fast and charges in 9 tiles.
-When she fires she summons beefy minions for all (260 at +20 focusing on hp without taking into account limit breaking or troops).
-Minions benefit in this way: they take the HP from the summoner (and she has more hp than several 5*s, it’s way easier to ascend and doesn’t require mats), and get the defense from the owner of the minion. So those +290/300ish hp in my LotL or MN defense are not squishy minions, also because of the -24% attack ailment.
-My team is speeded up.

I imagine a team with LotL and a taunter, for instance. Mielikki will summon her minions before Lotl, so LotL’s minions will be more protected against slash attacks while the taunt will protect them from abilities.


Good post. People are only looking at the hero itself and not the synergy. This hero’s minions on their own will disappear quickly. But I picture firing of my Arco AND Freya and suddenly Mielikki’s minions are stuck behind a beefy wall of minions that are tough to kill, so effectively I have a solid mana boost for a long time during the raid.


In fact, I’ve thought about the sinergies with this hero that speeds up and “protect” other relevant minions like LotL, but it could be the other way round as you have pointed out: beefy minions that protect hers and your team is speed up for a longer time.

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There’s some interesting comments that’s she not as good as Hulda.

Here’s a handy guide to help with understanding why that is:

Hulda - 5* hero

Mielikki - 4* hero

Hope that helps.


I think of her in a team with LotL and Arco… Huge, beefy Minions to protect the nasty minions of LotL Could be a nice synergy :slight_smile:


Is it possible for mielikki to be a tank in a 5* raid? She does have 40% fire resist if she has 2 other Kalevala allies. Her passive also compliments her very well too, so she can set up very well

Arco’s minion is hard to get rid of because he is Gargoyle. I did a test. Stoneskin also protects minion.



Although I can’t guarantee that she will work well on that position…

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I’d go 3 red and 2 other colors… And she’s dead with 5 red tiles… Or 5 red heroes and she’s dead with 3 red tiles. She had resistance against specials… But not tile damage… And at tank… That’s all there is for the first 5-7 moves.

Alternatively… Grimble removes all of the minions and charges my heroes and 20% mana gen for the surrounding heroes… It’s not bad… But same with Hulda… Only the worst boards, can’t get to 9 dark tiles, will cause you to lose. it happens… But we are talking about the worst 5% boards possible.


I pulled her twice… I’ll level her when yunan is done… And franz… But she’s next then.

Im fast tracking franz myself then ill finish up MN then probably move on to mielikki/ptomley cant decide. Lol.

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She’s amazing in a bloody battle tourney on offense, which happens to be now. My D is A rated as well with her in it.

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That’s interesting, my tourney this week is buff booster.


@VeryQuietly’s calendar has 4 star no heal tourney coming up July 24. I’m aiming to get her up to speed by then!


I’ve got her maxed emblem health path and limit broken. She is incredible.


The only reason my enthusiasm is tempered for her is that i have a costume yunan and his 33% mana gen doesn’t overwrite hers… But… Paired with pengi… He becomes very fast and what’s not to like about that.


Great stats for a 4*. And those minions are sturdier than many 5* minions and together with the Atk- they have quite the survivability.