Middle-Earth looking for 2 players

Middle-Earth is an easy going alliance. We welcome new comers to the game or experienced members needing a home. All we ask is you participate in titans and use your war flags…we have members from all over the globe, although we all speak English. You wont be fussed at for not doing well in any facet of the team events, we encourage everyone that tries their best. We’ve won wars where the lowest scoring member was the difference so we understand that every point matters. We win our share of wars and defeat many titans before “second shift” wakes up. Come join us and have a great time growing with us or helping lead the way as a big hitter!


Leader: Lance

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Just got rid of an inactive member so we’re looking for 2 players again. In a few weeks time we’ve went from 98k alliance score to 104k. Still taking on 6*-7* titans. We’re always growing and leveling up, lots of friendly conversations and helpful advice. Many who have came have been in other alliances and tell us that our has been the best by far! Come join the team!

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