Mid Tier Alliance - Titan Loot!

I am co-leader in a alliance with about 100 000 points. Fighting 6 and 7* Titans. 90% of the time i do the most damage. So i get loot tier 9 or 10 always.
The last six month i got several 3* ascension items (approximately once in a week) and 2 4* materials.

Does killing 8-11* titans bring more 4* materials?
Please tell me your experience with 8 to 11 star titans.
I am happy with my alliance, but if bigger titans show a lot more materials…then i have to change.

I know there are many “huge titan killers” here, so please tell me.

I know this thread…not a big help for my suggestion of a change.

Yes, definitely more 4* ascension materials in higher loot tiers. I never actually counted it, but I think I get at least one 4* mat every other week, if not every week. This is for loot tiers XI-XIII.

Wow, that’s a huge difference. Seems i have to travel….
Other people out there with the same experience?

You got me wondering, so I counted a bit. I got two 4* mats for the last 30 titans, some of which escaped. Lots of 3* mats though, and also 2 titan flasks. In general though I get titan flasks less often than 4* mats.

I think this thread describes what you need. You are getting loot tier 9-10 currently because of A-A+ performance. Those tiers have 3 slots for mats. My understanding is that loot within a slot is random. So sometimes you get good stuff, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes I get only crap from my loot tier 10-11, next day alliance mate gets high level mats from escaped titan.

If you move to a more powerful alliance then your loot tier can worst case decrease (D), stay on the same level or increase 1-2 tiers, depending on power. For tiers above 9, you are not getting more slots.

On the other hand, if you are not happy/bored in your current alliance, then you could addresse it with leadership and/or move on - regardless of loot tiers. This is a game, should be fun.

More then 2 in 6 months for sure.
I would say 1 or 2 per month as an average.

I’ve moved from a 9* titan alliance to a 10-11* alliance.

Seems that a good titan team with modest battle item usage works pretty well up to 10* titans, but from what I’ve seen, 11* make you break out timestops just to keep your team alive past five one-shots…if I could field a team of all maxed 5* heroes against 11* titans I might do better; ask me in another six months…

Anyhow, if you move to an alliance where you are in the middle of the pack getting B/C loot most of the time on 9/10* titans, you will be 1-2 loot tiers above A+ on 6/7* titans.

I’ve just done that kind of move (not for the loot tho) … but I love my new alliance … and for me at least, being in the middle of a pack of bigger dogs is more fun than being one of the top three in a pack of smaller ones was.

I’m loving the company of more people who have really good rosters and understand what to do with them.

Edit: In conclusion, if you love the folks you are playing with, stick with them anyway. Sure you are kinda carrying them along, but playing with people you enjoy is more important, at least to me. You aren’t doing THAT much worse on loot.


I kill 10-11* constantly with A-B sometimes C and while I agree that drops are better than on 6-7* my droprate for 4* items is still pretty low and way below 1/week. Maybe 1-2 a month. But I don’t feel like I’m pretty lucky on Drops atm. Didn’t get anything for the last 5 titans :sob:

As i see the higher titans give a lot more 4* items.
I think i give it a try with a new one.
240 days in my alliance now → hard to disconnect.

Thanks for the info, very appreciated.