Mid level player looking for some advice to push on

I’ve been playing the game for circa 4 -5 months, really into it and read a lot of the guides etc but think i could do with some specific advice. From what I’ve read/heard some decisions are based on activity and spend so I’ll list it all out. Apologies as its a lot of info up front for some relatively quick questions. A summary of where I’m at right now:

Level: Base just got lv20 stronghold, lv 20 barracks shortly, think I’m set on how to level it up. I’ve been solid platinum for a while ranging between 1800 - 2k cups. Can clear any event/quest levels.

Monthly spend: About £15, pay the monthly fee for 2 x builders then top up on the better gem offers.

Activity: Cycle about 3x world energy per day (more at weekends), a bit less for PvP.

Pulls: Used to go Elemental, recently switched to event/atlantis only.

Line up (some not fully maxed but all close so for simplicity will say all maxed):
Rigard, Wu Kong, Kashrekk, Colen, Sonya

TitanL As per above but swapping out Kash for Gormek.

Ware Roster:
Gold: Chao (3,60), Bane and Melia (max), Wu Kong (2,20), Arman (2,24).
Dark: Ciprian (3,60), Tyrum (max), Gill ra (1,16), Chochin (1,11), Layla (3,12).
Blue: Richard (2,60). Kiril, Umar andValen (Max), Gato (2,1)
Green: Berden and Belith (Max), Kashrekk (2,30), Mnessus and Gobbler (1,1). Carver (2,7).
Red: Hawkmoon and Nashgar (max), Boldtusk and Namahage (1,1).

Carver and Layla will be burnt soon enough, everyone else depends on pulls.

Mats: 3 x all lv5 items, 5 trap tools, 3 cloaks and 1 x the other colours. 3 x compass, 4 x gloves and 1 damascus blade.


  1. Is Cyprian worth maxing to get a7th max 4 star? I’m thinking hold on for something better. I’ve seen Avicious run Riposte tactic nicely with Boril and 2 x healers (Youtube vid) but think I’d want Boldtusk maxed too to make it worthwhile; which feels a long way off. However 7 different 4 stars maxed means any event I’m covered to make life easier and its another tactical wrinkle.

  2. Assuming 4th cloak lands soon is Richard worth levelling? He’s my only 5 star but whenever I’ve faced him he seems massively underwhelming. Can only see me swapping him out at max level for Sonya so 3rd ascension feels like its worth holding off.

  3. Boldtusk I still think is worth levelling?

  4. Kashrekk/Wu Kong doubles. Long term expect I’ll scrap both of these as I can only see the point in having 1 maxed, am I missing something?

Any pointers or things to consider beyond this would be much appreciated.

Boldtusk is a must to max. Forget about Richard, don’t bother maxing. Keep the doubles for war. I don’t see the benefit of maxing Cyprian.

I’d keep all ascended heroes, even Leyla and use them for Alliance Wars. Later you might get rid of 2* when you’ll have 30 stronger heroes.

I would keep Wu. I have 2 of them at max and use both against purple titan. He has nice atk. stat for tile damage and helps to keep more Wu buffs active with two of them.

Also use both for war.

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It depends on your way of playing. What are the levels of your training camps? I would save the materials for a better purple hero if you have 2 training camps at level 13 or higher. Also you will try some summons eventually, so you have more chances on receiving a better purple hero sooner than later. But if you ‘‘play with what I have’’ then you might like Cyprian. Perfect Riposte is pretty useful occasionally.

I have made the decision to expand my hero-bench with 3* heroes first, then 4* heroes and finally 5* heroes. I now almost have at least two maxed 4* heroes of any color and I benefit a lot from that.

  • They require less materials and less XP to upgrade and ascend.
  • It gives me more possibilities to switch heroes and stack hero colors.
  • A 4* hero at 4/70 compared to most 5* heroes at 3/70 is still better.

Unless I will benefit more from a 5* at 3/70 (situational) or think the 5* hero is really necessary, I will keep maxing worthwhile 4* heroes over 5* heroes for now. Or unless I don’t have another great 4* hero choice, of course. If I think the 5* hero is really necessary then I will get it to 4/70, but I haven’t received a necessary one yet.

Yup, as they have told you already.

As @Astvinr said; that second Wu Kong can be useful for specific situations. Stick to both Wu and Kash until you have 30 heroes and receive better ones after that. Feed away the second Kash first.

Keep Chao at 3/60. Focus on maxing Wu Kong now. Once Wu Kong is maxed, work on Chao or on a better yellow hero if you have received one by then.

Better 4* heroes than Chao, imo; Guardian Jackal, Danzaburo (debatable), Gretel

Cyprian is your way to go, unless you can be patient. If you can, then upgrade either Gill Ra or Chochin (to your liking) while waiting for a better 4* hero.

Better 4* heroes than Cyprian, imo; Sabina, Tiburtus, Proteus, Merlin, Ameonna (debatable).

Same as with Cyprian. If you can be patient then just level up Gato as he seems to be a great blue 3* hero.

More useful 4* heroes, imo: Grimm, Sonya & Triton

Max Kashrek, great defense tank. I would not bother with Carver, unless he’s the only green hero you have available soon. Or ascend Kashrek to 3/60 and hope that by then you have:

3* Belith, Caedmon, Hansel, Melendor or Peters if you do not care a lot about maintaining a certain level of cups.

Max Boldtusk. The other 4* heroes are all useful. Namahage is a great 3* as well.

I would switch Rigard with Wu Kong. Chances are bigger Rigard will use his healing special along with Kashrek his healing special. This gives more reliable (Wu Kong; unreliable hits) survivability to Colen, which on his turn then has more chance to fire his painful special.

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Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face: From my experience, it is well worth maxing both Cyprian and Boldtusk!

There have been numerous replies in favor of Boldtusk, but I feel Cyprian may have been neglected regarding his favorability here.

First of all, he has the highest HP stat of any 4* Purple hero - that alone makes him stand out. Secondly, his counterattack special can be a game-changer in Raids and AW.

I still use him in my defense lineup, and I’m consistently ranked in low Diamond tier (around 2440 “sustained” trophies), but I have also raided up to US top 10 and global top 100 a few times, and in all cases Cyprian has been valuable throughout - (especially against a yellow Titan or when stacked against a yellow tank!)

Just to be clear, though, I wouldn’t reccomend switching Cyprian for Rigard on your defense team - instead having him as a tool on offense and for use against Titans or in AW.

Now if we were talking about Cyprian versus … I dunno, Hel, then the choice would be obvious in terms of who to ascend, but I’ve never been a fan of the “Wait until something better,” comes along - and I beleive Cyprian will serve you well. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!
:smile: Tima

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Thanks for the advice all; since posting I’ve picked up 2 more trap tools so feels like the game is pushing me to max Cyprian :slight_smile:

Figure I’ll wait for my next 10x pull (probably next Atlantis) and see if I land anything better, if not will take the plunge. Richard I’ll wait on unless I end up building a similiar hoard of cloaks with nowhere to go.

Re training camps I’m currently sat on a lv20 (in a few hrs), 11, 9 and 3. My original plan was to push the 9 to 11 and have 2 working on extra low cost, the tc 20 on Legendary and the lv3 to burn swords and packs. On reflection may aim to get the 3 to 13 or even 20 as at current pace I should have a maxed out war roster in a month or 2 so probably better to max my opportunity for Epic/Legendary.

Here you have chicken/egg problem: tc for hero or tc for food. If you get the hero of your dreams from tc20, can you keep it?

That’s one of those nice problems to have. Assume you mean feed rather than keep, theory is i can always switch the higher level barracks to back generating feeder heroes if I did get a good pull; suspect the problem will be getting one in the first place.

Meant using a tc for generating feeders vs 4/5*s.

Barracks are for troops, btw. Using 19 or 20 level tc for lower level training is a given. I keep one 20 open for all odd and ends. Two 11s and a 12 are running. One of the 11s has only four days queued for quick change back to a higher level if I need say tc19.

I would definitely advise you to focus on leveling Kiril and Boldtusk they are both core heroes of the game and you’ll be using them awhile for titans, war, and raids. I would 100% give Kiril the cloaks before Richard. For Cyprian my answer is a no, you already have 3 strong tanks with Rigard, Kashrekk, and Boldtusk, what is the point of having another “tank” especially since Kashrekk is the best 4* tank already. Keep all your semi leveled heroes for war for now since you don’t have a full 30+ roster yet they would make good stack attacks to bust open the center tanks. Keep the duplicates Kash and Wukong for now and work on them if you don’t have any other heroes to work on.

I wish you luck with Atlantis pull and if you get Proteus I would definitely give him the trap tools I would ascend Ameonna over Cyprian as well. For your training camp situation I would get all the training camps to minimum TC11 so you can do cheap feed creation to level your heroes faster. I personally have one TC20, one TC19 and 2 TC11. TC20 to store food, TC11 to store recruits, the other two I switch between 1,2,11 or 19 depending on how much backpacks/swords/rugged clothes/recruits I have.

If you are looking for advice, pls do not use tc20 for storage.


20 characters

Just realised i made a mistake in original post - I have Karil (3 star hammer chap) not Kiril. I get what your saying though. I did throw two pulls at the current event; got 2 level 3’s but the second pull I finally landed a Hotm so gained another tank in Aegir. Also gained my third trap tool in a week (up to 8) completing the event; still holding fire on Cyprian for now though.


So near enough a month on from my post figured i shoulld give some feedback. TC20 gave some good results, added Magni and a second Rigard along with Aegir mentioned above. Only mentionng changes from original post:

Dark: Gill ra and Chochin maxed. Ciprian (A4, lv43), Rigard (A1,kv1). Have 7 trap tools and 5 tabards so decided to upgrade Cip, 2 hours later got Rigard who I would have rather had at A4.
Blue: Aegir (A2,lv17), Magni (A1, lv37), Triton (A1, lv1). Aegir at max spec already so building up other 2 on blue to max special then feeding off colour. Got 4 scopes now, prioritising Aegire above Magnir to replace Kash,
Green: Kash( A3,lv30), Gobbler (A2, lv10), Mnesseus (A3, lv 14). Prioritising M now, got a bit messy here in terms of priority. Kash likely finished on green but again can be finished off colour.
Light: Armon (max), Wu Kong (A2,lv 43).
Red: Boldtusk (A2, Lv 43), Naemahagge (A3, lv17) sam as green spread upgrade too thin, now focusing on N.

Didn’t like characters on last atlantis pull so aiming for 30x on the next one. Stupidly thought as characters i was upgrading for war i would spread the growth, well known already but that doesn’t work focus on 1 at a time. Plan til then is level off all colours and then build up blue off colour, not worried on focusing on blue yet as with troop upgrades Aegir needs to be lv4 to be worth replacing Kash.

One question to the floor: with my current line up Aegir for Kash seems the next logical step, or is Magni a better choice replacing someone else?

Aegir isn’t better than kashrekk at tank unless he’s 4/80 and I’m 100% certain you should ascend magni before aegir. So long story short, you shouldn’t be leveling aegir for a long time.

The benefits of cypran/Boril are three folds I think. Decent Brank tank. Excellent hero for clearing events. Decent at breaking into diamond in raids (but he’s going to need help). You basically have the first two covered so cypran’s just helping you with the third. Avicious hitting diamond teams with his mostly 4* is awesome but I don’t think you are there yet even with Cypran maxed. What Avicious did, he had melandor+lianna to rely on for high tile damage and a huge sniper to pick off priority targets. You don’t have anything like that yet so I think you would struggle against 5* teams even with maxed cypran. You do have magni now but it’ll be awhile until you get him done.

I don’t think cyprans a bad choice and you’ll have an easy time raiding anything under diamond and can do the Atlantis maps on hard pretty easily but I don’t think he’s going to take you to another level since you are already clearing events etc.

Edit: I’m at about the same exact point you’re at. If I had Boril/cypran, I think I’d level one of them IF I had 8 traps/capes but not if I had less. One of my alliance mates is a huge cypran fan because he got it early and had been using him to clear events and raid up to 2100-2200. But that’s basically the hero’s niche I think.


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