Mid level Alliance War help?

Just thought so.

I read your whole post. I was stating some general advice just to spread my experience.

Concerning time zones…yeah I just forgot about that when answering. But as mentioned above it can be seen as general advice.

I switched alliances about 10 days ago and facing the time zones problem now myself.
Also the war points remained about the same (~65k) but as the number of war participating alliance members did go down the average tp of facing opponents went up from ~4000 went up to ~4200. This new alliance uses the “farm the weak” strategy…(which today meant kill everything below 4150 lol) .

I did not call them stupid. If anybody feels afronted I do apologize. Let me rephrase it:" In general attacking alone is a stupid idea and should be avoided."

The one thing about multiple farming of the low teams then go for the flip/reset is that it locks up your higher players taking them out of the fight until towards the end. It’s frustrating especially with multiple time zones.

One strategy you might consider is using an R-C-R, Immediate reset, farm the lower 1/3rd two times, then another reset or two. It opens a lot of opportunity time wise for everyone to hit. We did this for weekend war and for weekday war it was use flags as you wish. Worked well for us.

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