Mid-level alliance ISO War General

Legends of Sleepy Hollow, a feeder & decompression alliance for top 100 alliance The Headless Horsemen (THH) is looking for an experienced E&P player with interest in alliance leadership and developing a new war strategy. Internal searches have not produced interested candidates, so we’re looking for fresh outside perspectives.

We have many good players, but our current war strategy is not structured enough and not delivering sufficient wins. We need someone with new ideas, energy to drive change, and time to analyze and assist some of our members with their defenses and building effective war teams. War council members from THH would be available to advise and provide ideas if desired.

Ideal candidate would have:

  • Level 50+
  • 20+ maxed 5*s
  • At least 1-2 yrs of experience
  • Partticipated in a few different alliances

Additional information:

  • LoSH uses Discord as our primary communication and information platform. Leadership collaborates and shares information with THH as part of the platform.
  • Team defenses currently range from ~4100 to 4700+. We desire a strategy that takes advantage of both the strong and less strong players if possible.
  • Currently 23 members. Mergers with small, experienced alliances would be considered.
  • Currently hitting 11* titans because we aren’t a full 30. We can easily take down 12*s with a few more strong members.
  • We’re looking for someone who wants a long-term gig - we are virtual “family”.
  • We are not interested in becoming top 100. We want to be competitive, but we also want to maintain the “fun” and keep stress to a minimum.

For additional discussion or information, please reach out to El Burrito.

  • El Burrito#6984 on Discord, or
  • elbeardo_ep on Line (blame KillaKilla for the name change :-p)

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