Mica vs Ureus

I was planning to ascend Ureus but got Mica too last ninja tower event. What do you think about them. Who is better? They wont get emblems though

Tough to say. I’d do Uraeus UNLESS you have another 5* ninja. Those family skills together are deadly.


I would choose Mica a brutal ninja a bit obscured by his brothers. Ureaus is a great hero but situational.

I had the same debate and chose Uraeus as he is more flexible (useful in many teams due to offensive abilities) in wars, but Mica will follow shortly after. My teams were already defensive enough.

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Is Mica only suits in deffence!!!:thinking:.

Depends on your needs. If you want a utility support hero, max Mica, especially if you have other ninjas maxed. But if you want to have a sniper, choose Uraeus, who not only bypasses minions (this, very relevant in the current meta with minion summoner heroes like Bera, Freya, Xmas heroes, etc) but produces minions to all holy allies as well, leaving the enemy with minions sand DOT.

I just got Uraeus earlier out of single valhalla coins pull and I am maxing him. He fits well in my 2nd monoyellow team composed of snipers (Jackal, costumed Joon and Poseidon) with 2nd Gazelle leading the charge since his Element Link is not nullified by Gazelle’s Dance. My first monoyellow is composed of my AOE heroes (Drake, Onatel and Rana) all firing in 9 tiles due to talents and the right mana troops.

I am excited with Uraeus that I will be focusing all my feeders to him. He will be very useful in the upper diamond arena where players have minion-summoning heroes in their defense.

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On the contrary, mika is pretty bad in defense but he is excellent on offense. He keeps your entire team alive for only 5 tiles. That’s priceless.
On defense? Meh you just bring a debuff.


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