Mica Vs Telluria

I am fond of ninjas but unfortunatelly I could not pull Mica so far in my attempts. I have Jade, Garnet and Onxy as 5* ninjas, Telluria and some heroes. I don’t think that Jade is worth to paying attention.

If I build a defence which consists of Onxy, Kobalt(Krampus), Garnet(BK), Telluria and Joon(Freya), do you think that Mica could replace Telluria? My other worth-to-mention green heroes are Zocc and Lianna.

Btw Mica and Telluria both are in the paladin class. Thanks for your comments.

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I have the same problem. Telluria +20 its no more the best tank in game.
I want to change the first team : poseidon, vela, telluria, j. f, Jabberwock, all at +20, to my second team : onyx, frigg, garnet, mica, onyx 2.
I’m not so confiance in second one… Good luck!

Dear Adrian, thanks for your reply.

I had the instinct that I was going to pull Mica and today I have just pulled him while I was craving for Cobalt instead which is the unique 5* ninja hero lack in my squad now.

Anyway, after the introduction of various formations, I have experienced that Telluria, Krampus and Freya complete each other very well in defence in double formation. Therefore, I decided to leave the paladin emblems on Telluria for longer. My recent defence is like this,

Onxy, Telluria, Freya, Krampus, Joon.

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I can’t understand why Jade is not getting any love :slight_smile: mana control is great to mention one of her things.

Could you please give your opinion on why?

Happy gaming

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There is a hot topic regarding Jade under the feature requests. I suggest you to take a look at it. You will find out my comments there and more.

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