Mica or costume Vivica

Who would you fully ascend first, Mica or costume Vivica? Having a tough time deciding.

With the caveat that it depends on your roster and your individual needs, I’d go with costume Viv first. I have them both and, although they are both solid, Viv is useful in more situations. The costume’s mana boost really helps, and being able to switch between dispell/def down and cleanse/def up is huge. Having a yellow dispeller is awesome.


Ya I was kind of leaning that way too. And the fact that all of Mica’s special can just be possibly despelled kind of sucks too. Thanks for your input man!

Let me ask you, do you have more darts? Reason why i ask is because Odin being around the corner, I would wait to see if you get him and give him the darts. Mica, Dirty Viv and Odin are all good options but personally I would wait for Odin unless you have plenty of darts in stock


You also need to consider whether you have other ninja heroes possible to pair with your Mica either for offense or defense. That family bonus of dodging any damage both from special skills and tiles is oh so good. The more ninja heroes you have in the same team, especially on defense, the better is the dodging odds. If you only have one ninja hero in Mica or have several other distinct ninja heroes but will not be in the same team for defense or offense, then costumed Vivica offers more as she has the higher regular defense debuff than White Rabbit, and far better since all enemies are affected by it and not only to a limited few.

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How long until Odin is released?

I just have Mica so far, well two actually lol. But ya might wait until the next ninja tower and see what I get.

If vivica is already leveled to the maximum, the fantasy is super fast to evolve and does not consume 4 * material. Worth the time and food invested. It’s just a shame I don’t have the costume. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Sorry for English if it’s bad. :slight_smile:

Next Thursday, when it’s Valhalla again.


No she’s not maxed yet. I got her and the costume together or else I would have definitely fully ascended the costume :grin:

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That’s not too far. Thanks dude!

It’s probably worth waiting until next month, just in case you nab Thor or Odin or another ninja, just so that you don’t have to regret using the darts and have to wait 3-6 months to ascend whatever other option you might have.

Of the two though, costume Viv offers the most utility, especially if you have the mana troop to get her to average speed. Being able to swap between dispelling buffs and cleansing allies is crazy helpful, depending on what team you’re attacking.

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If you regret giving darts to a costumed Vivica, then you probably can regret every single decision of your life.

C.Vivica is great and you should not wait anything.


Costume viv first.
My top raid offence, kunch, drake, C. Viv, jackal and shesh.
She is really awesome, sply as an dispeller.
Edit- me having mica as well, maxed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have similar pblm. Mica or C.Joon? Mica is the only ninja I got. Hope I can get some suggestion as well here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go for what you wants more at the moment.
I do healer first, then strike, then buffers and debuffers for each colour respectively.
You wont regret with both C Joon and Mica.
Both are good.
Edit - Mica dont need any other ninjas to pair with.


Check this video on Mica
Edit - Check how Mica overided telly’s biggest weapon of maana control.

Thanks for sharing the video. These are my other holy hero. I can only take one to 4/80

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You need C joon at the moment. Gl, happy gaming.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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