Mica or Akkorog or next HOTM?

Who should get the Darts?

I am leaning towards Mica as I have onyx and cobalt who will benefit from the family bonus, but the next HOTM looks good too.

Akkorog seems to hit hard, but a bit too unreliable maybe?

Appreciate the advice in advance!

Hang onto the darts for the time being, I say. There’s a couple of interesting yellows in the Circus which starts on Thursday, and I agree the July HOTM seems promising. You can always go back to Plan A if you don’t get them or don’t like them in their released form.


So your advice ended up being very good - I managed to pull Faline in the circus event.

I’m thinking she should be next?

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Both Faline and the ninja family bonus are pretty cool.

I don’t like Mica much tbh… Faline sounds like she can be used almost everywhere.