Mica in defense team

Hi. I have Mica and I was wondering is he good in defense team. Current I am leveling up my Lady of the Lake and I like her but she is slow. So I was thinking to pair her with Mica. Unfortunatly, I did not see Mica in top 100 list of best global players. I saw a bunch of Cobalts and Garnets but not Mica. So what is your opinion about this yellow ninja? Thank you :slight_smile:

depends on synergy

what is the rest of the team?

you probably didn’t see mica in top 100 because those players had better synergies available, but that doesn’t determine what is the best defense team synergy You have available


My problem is that I do not have any red 5* hero. I have Glenda and Sartana on max level, soon Lady of the Lake and Mica or Guinevere, need to choose one of them. The 5th hero would be 4* hero, maybe Sonya. Red 4* that I have are Boldtusk and Wilbur so it is a dificult to create a good team.

Depending what level you are raiding at you can use either Wilbur or Boldtusk (especially if you have spare emblems). I would use Boldtusk of the 2 based on you not having much listed there in the way of AoE.

LotL is a good tank too but she can be a bit squishy so I use mine at flank. But change to tank for VF format.

Based on what you have mentioned I would set up like this:

BT-LotL- Mica-Sartana-Glenda which may struggle in Diamond or upper Platinum but should be fine really. It is a bit passive but has some decent survivability. Normally Glenda wouldnt be in the wing but because only one other offensive special attack it’s fine, plus keeps yellow, purple weak strong line.

btw I moved this to Gameplay help and tactics for you in the hope you may get more advice.

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Thank you for your advice. I really like that. Well I play like 5 - 6 month so do not have for now big wishes. I was also thinking about using Boldtusk, I like him a lot and his buff is great. My problem would be with war because my alliance is using green tank. Also I have emblems for 7 level for LotL and for 11 level for Mica. In raid I will definitly put Mica as tank, just like him a lot. Once again, thank you very much, you advice is really great :slight_smile:

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