Mica: Friend or Foe?

So, I have my Mica fully leveled and even had some emblems left to put on him after my other Paladin project Clarissa, but is he a boon to my roster, or a black sheep? At first I thought for sure he was going to be great and really add something to my Yellow stack that I didn’t have already. That mana speed up, shared hp and def even at single charge can save a team from a well placed AI snipe, base stats that make season 1 heroes blush in embarrassment… he seemed to have it all!

The first pitfall I had with him is it felt like I was building teams just to put him and Onyx on together, and synergy be damned in the name of that sweet sweet dodge and counter attack:
This seemed to work, sort of… I had the troops to support it and get everyone down to their best tiles, so I ran this for a while and realized a few big things:

  1. I never made new teams without the other Ninja, and when I put in Rigard, I was then left with less team building options, and so this same team kept appearing war after war, raid after raid.
  2. This team was not really even that amazing. Really it was Onyx doing all the heavy lifting. If I got stuck without purple (or rip Onyx…) it was usually just a wash as Yellow damage was very VERY slow to get started (still effective though, thanks Gulli!) but felt more like a “win more” than a save.
  3. Swapping out Guilli for Joon or Neith just exposed the façade even more… Yellow damage was just one player with Mica not pulling much, or any of the weight.
  4. WOW DoTs do not care one bit about any of Mica’s kit. Def up? who cares, here’s some Moth damage, have fun with that GM burn, drown your sorrows in some Vela tears.

Anyway, I started Round 2 of my process to find Mica a home; lets split up the Ninjas for better or worse and see what cool teams I can make!

With the exception of the last one these felt like extremely passive team starts… Yes he could help Viv get mana faster, but then only Joon or Neith would be the real damage in a stack of yellows. With the exception of the third team (which leaves Viv, Delilah, Guilli as some weird healer team of leftovers) it just feels awful to play against fast Friggs/Odins/Beras/Ninjas in raids.

So, I do want to say I love my Mica, and I am glad I got him. I am not giving up yet, but where is he useful to you? Are there some positive experiences you have with your Mica that I am missing? Which heroes would you stack with your Mica to take advantage him and conceal his darker side of sinking into a possible dead weight rather than a team leader?

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That especially depends on the rest of your roster.

Mica probably works fine with a slow healer just like rafaele f.e. the soul link would almost keep everyone alive until he heals.

And then there would be 3 clear spots to use. Maybe whiterabbit, magniCostume and joon.
Something like that.

The manaboost of mica could (needs condirmation) boost the 3 snipers to a mana level where they charge with three ghosting tiles.

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Ah, True true. While I would not turn down any help in my own teams, I really would like to see what some others come up with even without my roster of heroes, but here is my roster:


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Like you, I have Mica and Onyx, but since my Onyx isn’t maxed yet, I’ve been experimenting with Mica as the solo ninja.

Like Enni said, Mica is a great complement for a slow healer, or pretty much any slow hero. I’ve been using a fast yellow, slow blue/green stack. So the yellow might look like some combination of Mica/Joon/Poseidon/Malosi and the other heroes could be Heimdall/Bertila/Snow White/Ariel. Mica pairs well with Snow White because at a single charge he can put on the board all of the status effects needed to max Snow White’s damage.

You still need a healer to go with Mica. I tried running teams with Mica and four attackers and I died too many times.

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