Mica and Jade issue

Good morning!

Was raiding with mt Ninja team and noticed a weird bug happening.

Once having both Jade and Mica buffs up even if the initial damage is dodged the damage gets redistributed to other heroes anyway.

Example, Joon fires on Jade with Mica buff on and Jade dodges the rest of the team still takes the damage from the shared damage while Jade takes 0 damage.

I have tried firing the Jade buff first and then Mica and vice versa as well to ensure it does not interact with buff sequence and the result is always the same, in addition this applies to Ninja family bonus as well.

This simply puts a huge dent into viability of the ninja teams as the main point of evasion is negated by the Mica buff.

It’s because sharing the damage happens before dodges. It was discussed few times already - with Wilbur/Aegir + Margaret/dodge talents:

I do understand it has been discussed and its an obvious game design issue.

In this case its unlike when you have a posibility to select different heroes it actually interferes with embeded family bonuses if you run Mica and Jade alone for instance.

You are better off not running Mica at all or giving Jade’s spot to someone else which defeats the purpose of the family bonus.

While you can work around firing skills and delaying the Jade dodge and staggering it with Micas buff you really have no control over the family bonus part which is in this case counterproductive to the game mechanism.

That’s true, it’s definitely harder to avoid this compared to Wilbur + Margaret combo for example.

We can tag @Petri or @KiraSG, maybe they plan to change this interaction after Ninja heroes release (but SGG didn’t respond to any of similar topis so far)

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