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Hello! I have a castle 13 level, three metall storages 13 level and watch tower 13 level and three metall mines 13 level. Total metall capacity 736K. To be able to upgrade my castle one level up 753K metall required. How can I do the upgrade if I have no storage place?

I’m in Russia.


You have new places you have not yet built on. Do you see the empty plots of land on the right of your screen? Build new store houses and buildings there.


построить новый склад здесь



Not possible - not able to build any more, both storages or mines. They are dark in the menu.


Did you put your barracks over storage?


Попробуйте все пятна. Вы можете построить разные вещи.

Try all of the spots, you can build different things.


Doesn’t metter - I tried to play with it replacing barracs from one place to another. I can’ t build new storages.


I second this. You have at least 5 open spots. Build. They are basically instant to start so why leave them vacant anyway?



This means you CAN build Iron Storage, just not on that spot.

Every time a new area opens, you are given a fixed number of spots. There aren’t really options about what to build, you can only build one each of the things shown, one in each of the different spots. It might not let you build if you’re in the middle of another building upgrade though.


I’ve checked every possible spot one by one - no chance to build store house or mine.
Looks like something wrong with capacity calculation - store houses: 3x242K , mines: 3x40950, watch tower: 40950; total should be 889800. Why do I have
736K only?


I’m affraid that will have no chance to delete unnecessary building. It is only reason why not all empty spots has been occupied yet.


There are no unnessesary buildings. Just build everything on every spot you have.

You can’t make a mistake when it cones to buildings. Everybody gets the same amount f everything at TC20


There are no ‘unecessary buildings’ in the game. Every player at the same level can build the same amount of each buildings. You have empty spots, so you have not built all your buildings.

Per @Coppersky 's guide:

After the tutorial you have 5 slots available to build a farm, iron storage, and food storage.
At level 3 you can add: farm, mine, food storage, forge.
At level 5 you can add: house, farm, training camp, iron storage.
At level 8 you can add: forge, iron storage, farm, mine.
At level 11 you can add: farm, training camp, house, food storage.
At level 15 you can add: farm, mine, iron storage, forge.
At level 20 you can add: house, training camp, farm, food storage.

so how many iron storage do you have?


There is no reason to delete buildings. Everyone builds the same there is no variance. Go ahead and build.


Watchtower doesn’t add to storage nor do mines, just storage buildings and inital stronghold which i believe is 10k


Looks like he said 3 based on his math post. If 4th comes at 15, then he should be good. Maybe there really is an issue with his game. His screenshots show 3 iron storages at 13


Exactly! I have 3 metall store houses.


If everything is maxxed out., I’d submit a ticket. In the meantime I’d build everything


I’ve built houses (excl. metall storages) on each empty spots now. And I see no way to raise up. it is a pity story…


This list only shows 4 total iron storages and there are 5