Meta or Metrics in Story Mode


Mods, please move this post if it has already been suggested. I searched for similar suggestions but couldn’t find any.

It would be really awesome to see the Devs allow for Meta or Metric tracking within the Story Mode. I could see this being a benefit on the individual or alliance level. If we could see the number of turns used for each level and the ability to PR on each level it would provide some much needed competition for those who have completed all of the Story. The tracking wouldn’t necessarily need to award prizes or loot either. I would compete just to see if I could improve. All though a random loot draw for a new PR could be interesting. It wouldn’t need to include a chance for tokens either. I would be happy with ingredients for Battle Items! There could be different criteria to allow for other tracking as well. Not using a certain type of Hero, not using any Battle Items, or even restrictions on Hero/Troop levels.

There all kinds of different metrics which could be tracked.

Least number of turns
Shortest time
Highest Combo
Hero or Troop level used
Lack of Battle Items used
No healing
No mana usage
Team strength
Missing elemental Heroes

I think an alliance leaderboard would be a great way of providing competition within the members and there could be multiple leaderboards depending on player level. Maybe two or three different leaderboards. I’m sure multiple levels would make it more difficult, however I think Alliance leaded could be of some assistance with this as well.

Currently the ranking system of Trophies is broken and fairly worthless for the game. Having access to meta or metrics and some form of individual, alliance competition, or leaderboard function would add considerable interest and participation.