Meta discussion about discussing and giving feedback on HOTM (Spawned from Neith Beta Beat thread)

@zephyr1 is quite helpful and fair, I’m sure he will comment in due course :slight_smile:

Of course not saying the others aren’t…

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Moderator’s Note

This is the starting point of new posts in this thread. All of the ones above are those I moved from the Neith Beta Beat thread.


Sure! If there’s an existing related thread, go for it.

Otherwise the Forum Help thread is a good place to chat, and we can always break out to a new thread if needed: Forum Help Available Here!

Thanks, however one of the queries I have is a Terms of Service matter that due to its nature I believe would be inappropriate to enquire on in a public forum post not to mention the tendency of a select few on here have to whinge at long posts rather than skip over them if they’re not interested.

You know nothing about me and I won’t make similar presumptions on you but suffice to say this is a forum for discussion not a party and you can’t make presumptions on how people in one context behave in another context as naturally you wouldn’t expect people in a workplace environment to behave as they would at a party.

As such I would like to think you are capable of generally being pleasant to others even if here from the comfortable anonymity of being behind a computer screen you have failed to be so to be here.

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You’re likely correct, that’s probably something to contact Support about.


Say whatever else you want - but this was an excellent post, and provides detailed analysis which has yet to be countered with reference to actual stats.


You have more patience than me.

I, at least, very much appreciate your efforts and discussion. But then long threads and extended discourse don’t bother, bore, or intimidate me.

I say good work.

I don’t know if you’re correct, but it will be an interesting thread to revisit in late November to see how things shook out.

You may be wrong… but if you’re correct then a whole lot of folks should be eating a healthy dose of Thanksgiving crow.


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Whilst naturally I am currently hoping there will be a slight buff along the lines I have suggested assuming there isn’t a buff I very much hope that I am wrong for the sake of those that pull her. Given the money some will put in for a HOTM I’d hate for them to come away disappointed. A concern that grows for me having noted that some who have disagreed with me on this have said that whilst they would power her up if they got her they’re going to save their gems chasing other heroes instead of her.

I totally accept that I may be wrong on the issue which is why I was genuinely hoping to prompt an objective discussion on her rather than the scorn, condescension and abuse I received because either there is something I have missed that I would appreciate learning from (I would much rather try to uncover a right answer than egotistically argue to avoid looking to be wrong) or I’m right and people will wind up disappointed which may not be as easily rectified with a later re-balance given that costumes will be a thing and the Devs have indicated that costumes for other heroes such as HOTM may be on the cards at a later date.


Imo and I’m probably not the only person thinking this- nobody has addressed the fact that the same people in this thread and the Neith thread saying she’s perfect aren’t planning to chase her. When you have a spot in beta and aren’t excited about pulling the new hotm that tells me she’s not a must have hero. You can’t say she’s balanced, and I’m not actively going to try for her. That raises some red flags.


In fact I did, on the matter of scorn (treating someone with contempt/not worthy of consideration) one user chose to launch their counterpoint to my argument by explicitly stating they could not be bothered to read anything I wrote and continued to demonstrate they couldn’t be bothered to consider any of it. Scorn.

On the matter of abuse I have had my character questioned and attacked including jibes on my professional competence and on my personal nature. Your statement is proveably untrue.

It is regrettable that my posts got to the length they did it is an unfortunate consequence of trying to respectively listening and addressing each of the points brought up by those in disagreement with me as well as my own personal struggles to organise my thoughts due to the way my dyspraxia manifests. You are free not to read my posts but I will not accept being belittled into silence by others for a quirk of a disability I struggle with daily and truly wish I didn’t have.

I am perfectly willing to accept that I may be wrong on the issue however having presented an objective analysis for my case I am not simply going to capitulate to logical fallacies and subjective opinions just because they’re posted my more popular posters.

Whilst a lot of my posts were indeed flagged the vast majority were overturned in moderation strongly indicating that a good deal of said flagging went beyond an application of rules but in-part malice towards me by those not liking me.

If you are happy with the hero design you are entitled to your opinion just as much as I am however much you do not like it. Despite that given you are happy with it I wish you good luck pulling her and that you opt to not waste more time or malice on me as I hope it is beneath you. Please feel free to return to the topic of the hero and meta discussion rather than myself.


@MysterySpin, @Elpis, @LucasDaoc, you all are making valid points. But the absolute bottom line is this is a GAME that we play for fun, enjoyment, and use it as a way to get away from the everyday stress of life. (At least that’s why I play, I’m sure everyone has their own reasons and agendas)

May I suggest we simply wait until Neith is released and then continue the debate, IF necessary? I respect each and every one of you and am aware that you all know this game inside and out. But arguing back and forth about an unreleased HotM isn’t really going anywhere. Why not wait to see the actual hero in action and then pass judgement?
I’d rather see calm, collected, discussion and this has certainly strayed far off that course?
Hope I’m not offending anyone but I like this forum for its distinct lack of drama and would hate for it to continue. Hope you all have a great day and RNGesus is kind enough to give you each the new HotM Neith, so everyone is on the same page because it appears this debate has become unproductive.


That was totally my intention.

It is useless try to make him/her understand him/her is not the only one doing analysis, that in beta we already discuss this things exactly the same way.

He/she think beta testers play with the new tool and stop. It’s ok/not ok.

And there’s nothing to gain in this discussion anymore.
I may do my analysis, he/she may do his own and we still be at the starting point.

As i already said, i’m patiently waiting for the topic where people start to say she is weak.

All the rest is already boring.


Agreed @Elpis. Much better to just let it go and see what we shall see when Neith is released. :+1:

Sorry but that’s an incorrect assumption. I think she’s a good hero on defense and certainly will consider November Atlantis portal.

One of the opinions was that she’s balanced but don’t have mats to chase her, which is understandable. I have 3 dark legendaries which I can’t max because of lack of mats and certainly don’t feel like buying another one I can’t raise.

Same with holies, I have multiple Justices sitting on bench due to lack of mats. Id level Neith over Justice in a heartbeat but lack of mats isn’t really encouraging for me to spend more money. I’m really hurting with fire and ice heroes, which is why I’m split on which Atlantis portal to choose given Zim is likely in next one (not because I’m chasing Kingston. I am already bottlenecked on nature’s too)

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Of course Neith is a hotm Justice isn’t. For that reason these two heroes should never be compared.

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@zephyr1 why is this post flagged???

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I agree but that’s not my point. Stating a hero is a good hero and chasing said good hero are two very different things. It doesn’t make sense sometimes to chase really good heroes because mats are not coming your way. I haven’t seen a tabard (except for quests) in months now. So even if better version of hel/seshat came along, what would I do with the ones I already have? Just cry my losses and sink more money on new ones? Do you see what I’m trying to say?

@zephyr1 @Rook @Garanwyn there seems to me to be posts in this thread that has been flagged for no reason other than disagreement… Why are these being allowed??

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I addressed that here:

As discussing or debating moderation decisions is prohibited by Forum Rules, I won’t go into further details beyond that post. Thanks for understanding. :slightly_smiling_face:


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