Met myself in the raid tournament

Hey. I just met myself in the raid tournament. Ingame name “Peter Ness”. It counted both as a win in offense a d a loss in defence. Do you need screenshots?


I think it will always be good to share the screenshots if you have them.
Also this looks like a bug to me indeed :slight_smile:


That would have been hilarious. Did you use same team for both?

You should open a support ticket.

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So apparently you can hit yourself… lol . Cheek

I want pics …no pics means it didn’t happen :yum:


No pic is hoax. Prove it

There’s no way to prove that the screenshots were taken from my account anyway. The question was aimed for SG.

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but we still wanna see them… :smiley:

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You can screenshot your tournament log, your attack and defense, this will be your name there as a proff.:+1:

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You should have lost to yourself to boost your def rating. Working as intended…kek


Lol wow… well at least you know how effective your team is at defense!

That’s a bug for sure lol

It’s only a bug if it was unintended. Maybe they just think the likelihood is so low it wasn’t worth it.

@Petri can you follow this bug… thanks

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I would love to get the same bug lol

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Join there! love to have this bug but not in tourney, in usual raid to try my own defense. :rofl:

I would be torn though … do I want to win or lose :thinking:


Just to make sure, you’ve submitted a support ticket on this, right?

SG will see this thread, but the support ticket will give them your account info and make tracking down the bug easier. I’d include those screenshots with the ticket too.


That would be a nice mode to experience differences on att and def of the exact same team.

Should be implemented just for fun and testing.


I think it’d be awesome to have a “practice” mode where you could pick any heroes for running mock battles.

Heck, even if it was restricted to my own heroes and troops it’d still be useful.


that would be awesome… would love to know if my defence work the way i hope they do :smiley:

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