Messages to your alliance in the face of tragedy! Oh no!

Well, he liked my post.


Found the forum can be used from PC. Which, as everyone knows, is immune to bombings.


True. Even Apple recommends PC.

I remember I asked an Apple customer service once via online chat “Hey MotherFer, I don’t know what time iit is in India right now, but my computer just broke and I need a new one. What the F do you recommend for me, an effing Mac, or an effing PC?”.

He responded “Sir, we recommend all our customers to please keep it PC.”


I thought it was pretty obvious this whole thread was about my phone breaking and not being able to log on.


You care too much about details.


I thought it was about my hyperboleic nuclear meltdown. Stop derailing my derailing of your thread.


Seriously, if no one appreciates that, they are totally on their own! :rofl:

EDIT: Being too subtle is an actual thing! You can Google it!!


you were not referring to your phone only…the bomb is literally exploded :rofl:

Have you installed blue stacks and hit the Titan from your computer??


And if a bomb dropped where I live it would still be the most beautiful place on the planet! (I can provide a pic, but it is the start of winter and everything is GREEN. It is so pretty!!!)

I like Nox better. It works for me anyway

You actually got NOX to launch? I’ve never heard of that actually happening! :joy:

And the x086 IC is now considered radiation hardened with it’s awesome ~1.7 MHz (clockchipped!!!) of CPU brute processing power coupled with that 250 micron process consuming 2.0 watts at least!!. That ~250 micron process was considered a world leader in passive heating at the time, I’m sure!!

Lol. It only works with Empire and puzzles so far

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