Messages to your alliance in the face of tragedy! Oh no!

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Hypothetically, if you were in the middle of communicating with your alliance, and something happened (like a terrible natural disaster!, for example), to where you couldn’t communicate with them, What would you want them to know??

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I guess I’ll go first…

If a bomb were dropped near where I am, cutting all ties to the outside world, or… my phone hypothetically broke, let’s say; I’d want my alliance to know… I’m ok. Don’t worry about me, ol’ Kayo’s a survivor! I’d want them to know that I’d hunker down for the night, as to avoid a potential another round of bombings, or that the Sprint store is closed, for now. But tomorrow is a new day! I trust the government will rally and hold off the invading forces long enough to get us to safety, or that the Sprint store will open tomorrow, but not until 10am, and I’ve got an 11 o’clock, that I must do first. Lastly, that in these trying times, with my life on the line, that they are forever in my hearts, and if I never see them again… it’s been real… or I’ll probably see them tomorrow after the Sprint store opens and my 11 o’clock finishes, but sorry about the rare titan, and hopefully this gets resolved before War ends.

But this isn’t about me, so try to stay on topic as far as what you’d say to your alliance, and don’t focus on ol’ Kayo. That’s not what this thread is about.


So it’s similar to that time when the nuclear power plant near me had a jammed ballcock and the resulting explosion created an EMP wave that completely wiped my phone and I had to hike for 500 miles to find a working computer to let my alliance know that I wouldn’t be able to make the last three war flag hits, at least that was the only reason I could think of for my old phone’s battery not charging up anymore.


I’ve been in a few games where actual tragedies have happened, and a couple personal experiences as well, so I won’t make light, but rather note that for many, our games can offer a moment of escapism that is needed in difficult moments. But often this need is preceded by days or more of unexplained absence.

From a leader’s perspective If an established team member in good standing inexplicably vanishes we try not to boot immediately and be patient, even if it means a few wars where we’re down a player

We had one member serving in the US military. He was deployed as an ‘advisor’ in a location that from time zones we summized was a location where only US special forces were deployed at the time.

He’d go absent for 2-3 days and most of the time opt out, but sometimes not. He always got a pass

Unfortunately, at one point he went absent and never returned. At the same time, 5 US special forces casualties were reported in the region where we think he may have been

We don’t know - likely never will - if he just quit the game or something worse happened. But we carried his account for 4 months hoping he’d return and have sent emails and discord notes telling him he was welcome back any moment.

I’ve also been part of a clan in a game where a player announced she was contemplating suicide right at the moment she was posting.

As a group we were able to keep her talking, call police in her city and somehow (I’ve never found out how) get police and other help to her house. She lived.

My mom died a few years ago when I was part of a very active competitive group in another game. I had told others she was sick but when it happened I had to fly across country and help my dad and, well, obviously set aside the game for a while - my team was understanding and having the game to return to a few weeks later in the evenings was a great help

Try to communicate but be patient and compassionate with people in crisis- a message maybe more important now than ever


So, the amount of energy that reactor would have to release would be in the terajoule range instantly. The fastest it could have a steam explosion related accident driving would come close to imparting a few gigajoules over around a second. From our perspective it’s immeasurably fast, but from a reactor kinetics standpoint this is really slow. To top that all off it’s actually quite well shielded, and couldn’t ionize enough atmosphere outside any of the containment layers to do this. It’s really hard to make a reactor behave like a bomb, even if you try.

What about a Dirty bomb?

Very easy. No EMP. Lots of localized contamination. Minimal dose to site and public overall. Dose primarily through inhalation and ingestion.

An edit: Very easy in that such an event is usually the Design Basis or Maximum Hypothetical Accident accounted for in the Safety Analysis. The Maximum Hypothetical usually involves a fairly ludicrous chain of events to occur to cause said accident, but physics and materials will then totally support the melting of fuel. Hence, tons of safeguards and regulations.

We had an alliance mate disappear due to health issues and no one knew what had happened, with no other way to make contact. It is important to establish and maintain communication when and wherever possible. It was a huge relief to all when the mate returned a week and a half later.

Then again i have a few alliance mates that I have never communicated with. The silent minority.

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One in every crowd …

It was a hyperboleic reactor.

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This very thoughtful and plausible scenario made me reconsider my priorities in life, and many things we take for granted. Starting the moment life goes back to normal, I will update the following:

  • My emergency contact information to include the line chat to my alliance.
  • My DNR card to add “unless in case of a rare titan or unused alliance war flags”
  • My last will and testament to grant my main account to my daughter and my alt account to my wife, on the condition they don’t fall below 2400 trophies.
  • Obtain a phone number from an alliance member to use as my one phone call while under arrest.
  • While on this topic, petition Congress and the Supreme Court to update the Miranda warning to “…you have the right to remain silent ….and play Empires and Puzzles……Anything…”
  • Update my resume to reflect my game participation and include SGG as reference. My future employees will certainly appreciate my dedication, as shown by playing for hours during the day, especially while in the office.
  • Set up a recurring monthly donation to SGG in case I’m unable to make purchases. Just because I’m facing hardship, I don’t see why SGG should suffer too.
  • Hire someone to start two topics in this forum each month: One demanding the current HOTM be buffed, the other demanding the most recent HOTM be nerfed.
  • Ask my wife on my deathbed to promise that if she remarries, she’ll tell her new husband I was like Gravemaker and he’s like Jean-Francois. BURN!!!
  • At the same place, make my daughter promise not to name her daughter Telluria. Everyone will love her, and everyone will hate her. That’s too much for a young child.

I’m sure there’s more I need to do but this is not a bad start. Feel free to suggest more.


I especially like the forethought to set up complaints about buffing/Nerfing HoTMs. :rofl:


If a bomb explodes nearby or an EMP destroyed digital structure or similar tragic happenings, I would have other problems than to tell my alliance buddies that i cannot play currently…as I am German guess I would stockpile toilet paper and pasta :rofl: :rofl:
A broken phone is not a problem at all as long you got a computer. Send message via Line, Discord or whatever you use for outside game communication. In case you don’t use such app, just install an emulator on your computer simulating IOS or android. Log in, install E&P and your are in to play as usual.


I’m Australian and people did that here; it’s nuts! There must be houses that are standing room only for the mountains of toilet paper within!!


Toilet paper makes an effective barrier against viruses when used to line the walls and roof of your house. Especially effective if you can get the high-end tinfoil-wrapped brand.


Dear Alliance Friends & Family,

If you are reading this automatically generated post, it is because I haven’t logged in for 48 hours. Don’t worry, I’m probably just passed out in a gutter or locked up in a temporary holding cell. Just in case, call up my local police department and see if they have me there. Don’t bother posting bail, as I won’t be able to pay you back.

If I am passed out in a gutter, give me another 48 hours to sleep it off. I should be fine.

In the meantime, rally the troops and kill the titans for me. I know you guys won’t be able to take down the 6s without me, but you can probably manage the 5s. I believe in you. If I come back and see that we’ve dropped down to 2* titans in my absence, I will not be pleased. Do not disappoint me.

Also, do not under any circumstances go to the forum to let them know that I’m missing. In fact, don’t go there at all. If you read some of my posts there, you would probably lose what little respect you still had for me as your leader.

As a matter of fact, I lied. There is no official game forum. Don’t click on this link under any circumstances

It’s full of all kinds of malware and other really bad stuff.

Anyway, keep on keeping on, and if I’m still missing 90 days from now, I’m probably either dead, or stranded on a deserted island. How would I get stranded on a deserted island, you ask? On purpose, obviously. Which means I finally gave up on E&P and decided to devote my life to bamboo basket weaving and distilling vodka out of coconuts. If you find my phone, you can keep my roster. Just don’t get too excited, as there’s nothing particularly good in it anyway.

Sayonara, friends. Live long and prosper. :vulcan_salute:

Oh and feel free to join a better alliance. I’ve heard some of them actually have loot.


I fell off my chair laughing


What are you doing? I could have choked on my coffee! My Alliance could be without a leader, and my family could be without a mother :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Kayo this is very funny! Thank you for such a fun topic! My day has become fun!


You mean like this?

or this?



“Let me rest in peace. The afterlife is quite boring.”

EDIT: “Kayo, hit the rare titan.”


So I’m torn between a humorous reply but I cant beat that of @BigLordF, or a more serious one - but I found @Halifax post pretty moving. Either way - my reply will be a poor shadow

So I’ll just reflect on the fact @kayo hasn’t logged in for 17 hours and is missing our rare titan.
Prophetic- heres hoping not !


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