"Messages per minute" restriction for in-game chat

Dear developers,
Kindly ask for your help to fix Russian chat.

Now it’s overwhelmed with “help to kill titan” messages, which every player sends many times.
It may be fixed by a ban, but players are forced to do it this way - otherwise theirs messages will be invisible in endless stream.

Constructive solution would be to restrict a player to send one message per 30 seconds (just as an example).

Kindly ask to consider this.
As af now chat is quite impossible to follow.

Russian Global chat has this problem, too? Try checking out the English Global chat and you’ll witness pandemonium in the highest order. Best avoid the global chats then. I haven’t been there for years now. Sometimes I envy certain players in the game whose global chat was disable by SG. Cant really blame them since that country has over a billion people.

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We use chats to drop extra titan flags.
Yes, it’s a possibility to use other countries’ chats, but it’d be great to keep all the chats in readable order :slight_smile:

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