Messages not shown in global chat from specific account


Looks like I got strange error - messages from specific account not showing in global chat. Account not banned - no any messages about it from SGG, ability for writing in global chat exists, but those messages see only this account. Why?
Screenshot from problem account

Screenshot from other account (first account not in blacklist)

P.S. Re-Install and Re-Start not help.

Maybe for some reason or accidentially you blocked this player? :thinking:
You might check with the small reck-wheel (as long as the player did not changed the name in the meanwhile…).

Sure no. Blacklist is empty

Hi2All. Can somebody explain me what innapropriate in post above? Problem still exists, answer from support in game chat inadequate in my opinion

The issue is the inclusion of the message from Small Giant Support.

Please note this Forum Rule:


Tried to understand what does it mean (message from support), but couldn’t. Decided to ask the community. Looks like account was banned, but I can write messages in global chat and did not receive any warnings. Very strange.

There should be no known issues related the in-game chat. As @zephyr1 noted, debating any moderation actions is forbidden by the forum rules. Thus, I’ll close this topic. For any further questions, please contact support.


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