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The overall feeling when reading the forums is insanely negative. I agree with EVERYTHING ive read so far. Price of gems is way too high, drop rates of legendary heroes is way too low. Spending money seems to be the motive now with this game. I will not spend another dime unless changes are made. I want this game to be fun but its losing that feeling as time passes and especially with hardly any communication from you guys. A simple “we are considering such and such” would he nice but there is nothing except “we have decided to remove the giagntic offer from the table” blah blah blah bs. I would really consider fixing something before you lose whats keeping you in business…us!

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I will say that in the dev’s defense, forum feedback will inherently be bad. People rarely make their way to the forums to say, “These small changes to the game are beneficial and I’m thankful!” They just… keep playing the game.

That being said… I do wish that the devs would actually comment from time to time. It would take less time from community moderators to continually shore up the litany of posts regarding the same topic if they actually answered the question.


Good point, thanks for your input.

There are pretty well researched marketing numbers on this topic:

96% of unhappy customers DON’T complain.

I think this forum is a pretty accurate microcosm of the community as a whole.

100% of happy customers DON’T complain. :stuck_out_tongue: But I believe I take your point. That may be useful data in extrapolating how many people are actually “unhappy” in some cases, but the devs have access to more useful numbers, like money spent. If they’ve seen an increase in spending due to troop changes and the release of Hel, then they have no reason to change anything in their mind.

This maybe true, but over on their Facebook page it was a love fest until the last update. Lots of folks just posting how much they love the game. The tone shift there should be a major sign for them.


OK so i have been playing about a month. Liked the game a lot, spent over 50 on gem buys. Have a good team as i got lucky on all my hero buys (2 5 star, 2 4 star and 1 3 star hero). But unfortunately its starting to get boring. I spend most of my time just waiting for things to be built/trained, etc. I seem to not be at a level where i can progress much further in the map as it has gotten extremely hard at level 18 or so. I wouldn’t mind the waiting so much if you could build more than one building at a time,. I generally have over 500k in iron and 380k in food, yet i cant spend them as i cant build anything. Also i generally am full on my trainers (i can hold about 90 recruits or so) as i am already waiting several days for my current recruits who are being trained. I know they need to make money but i think they are hurting themselves with these decisions on wait times and gem costs as a player like me only plays for about 20 minutes every 5 hours or so as there is nothing to do when all your points are spent and you cant train/build things. So i leave and come back 5 hours later. Not spending anything when im gone. And out of principle im not going to spend 500 gems to skip a wait time as that is a ridiculous price to pay. And i see it only getting worse as you progress as thhe wait times only seem to increase as you go further. Anyway just my .02 cents.

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Also just realized that you cant convert your troop training facility back to a hero training facility while you are building something as well. So even though it says you can convert them back and forth at will and the timing says it only takes 10 seconds to do so, it offered me to only pay the “reasonable” sum of 390 gems to skip the wait and convert it. Unreal…


I converted a forge. Don’t need 4. Do need all of my training camps.


Thanks for that tidbit. I assumed you could only convert a house. I am glad you told me as i apparently wasnt paying attention…still takes way too long to build but at least it isnt tying up my training facilities.


I’m hoping the second builder is still on the to do list for Small Giant. It was previously in the game for what I’d consider a reasonable subscription fee. Unfortunately they couldn’t get it through for Apple devices (can’t remember for certain, but I believe it was the store that was the issue). So out of fairness, they took it out of game for all users.

It would be a rather big item to code, and they’ve been working on other things too. It’s a pretty small team of developers, so that would be a factor for how many things can be worked on at once. They might have to look at other methods of speeding up builds. Perhaps 2x speed tokens, purchased/dropped time credits.

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  • I’m just going to cross post this for now…

I like the idea of a token or flask that takes time away from a build. Say 20% or the time for example.

I would even use the existing flasks to trade them in for time off a build. Just another thought.


If they do do some sort of time token or flask it could also be part of the reward for levelling. give ppl some incentive/reward for their grinding!

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Having issues here myself. The raid matching is awful. I am constantly matched with against a fully ascended team that is several hundred power greater than mine. Re rolling fires little to improve my odds. I am also stuck grinding the same levels over and over again for low level ascension materials just to ascend a single level. Sure, I get plenty of crafting materials but not a single pair of boots for weeks now and it it a level 2 ascension material. So my team sits and languishes at the same level…I can make no progress in the game itself… and I get too face extremely strong teams in raids. Not fun… let’s not even begin on the fact that 5* titans are only giving me 1* and 2* materials …

If you are facing teams much stronger than you when raiding, it means that you have a similar number of trophies as them. Well done! That means that you are good at raiding!

If you want to face weaker teams, just lose a lot of trophies. After that, you will again be matched up against teams with a similar number of trophies to you, except now they will be weaker.

(So you will beat them, so you will get more trophies, so you will get matched against stronger teams… you see how the equilibrium works?)

If you’ve stalled out on progress for want of ascension items, then you ought to focus on killing Titans, completing wanted missions, and beating rare quests.


^^ok, so not to come across harshly… however:

  1. The raid system is pretty straight forward. Lose to players = lose trophies = match up against weaker teams. That one is a given and isn’t necessarily a topic that needs to be pointed out. It sounds great on paper (er, forum) however what players are finding (or perhaps in my case). Losing raids has significantly increased, losing trophies has significantly increased, and being matched up against stronger teams has significantly increased. So somewhere (given your advice above and common knowledge) the equation is broken. So unless all these great teams are purposefully losing and pulling the same stunts to get lower team match ups (possible but not probable), we have a balancing issue on our hands (as pointed out by numerous players in a variety of threads)

  2. Unfortunately you touched a nerve in your second point. What is failed to be acknowledged is that players ARE performing all these actions without receiving anything that propels them forward into the game. Killing a 5* titan (A score) and getting 1*/2* crafting materials is an extreme disappointment. Rare quests… well rarely show themselves. Players who are stalled can’t compete the final rounds of these either without the team power that the ascension item needed brings. It is a vicious cycle and the DO- loop created is literally a motivation killer. Who wants to be stuck literally playing a game on auto or, better yet, not being able to play a game at all… all while watching your raid announcements record yet another loss?

So, while your advice is perhaps relevant to your game and game approach, it does not appear to meet the current environment of the average player. From what I have seen in the threads (some better articulated than others), players are attempting to alert the developers in any attempt to rebalance the game. Mobile games tend to have a 1- year life expectancy… and I, for one, would like to see this game actually reach this milestone. However, at this rate I have doubts it will do so.

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You do not come across harshly, @kai - your points are reasonable. Please allow me to respond.

  1. If the incidents of you losing raids have significantly increased, and incidents of you losing trophies have significantly increased, then you will soon reach a new equilibrium and all will be well again: that’s the fundamental nature of an ELO-type ranking system. You might feel like you’re being matched against stronger opponents, but that’s always a function of the number of trophies you have. Actual opponent team strength does not seem to factor into raid matching. (Log the trophies and team power of your opponents for a while (against your own, of course). It’s pretty clear.) So is the system really broken? I don’t see it.

(As an aside, I think we ought to take players grumbling about raid mechanics in various threads with a grain of salt. Given that people are more likely to post when miserable than when happy, it is shocking how many happy posts there actually are. It’s also shocking to see the same players enthusiastically lauding the new raid mechanics following an update, bitterly complaining about the same mechanics two days later, then exuberantly congratulating the developers about fixing them a day or two following that, with no additional update having been issued. The lesson, as always, is that people are… well… … …)

  1. Everyone’s game experience is different, of course, but I find it difficult to sympathise too much with complaints about being stalled. I’ve been playing for less than 4 months, have spent £2.99 in total, and have a team of four 4* (fully ascended) and one 5* (ascended to the penultimate level) heroes. All I have done is finish the map, devote all possible resources to beating rare quests, and score as many wanted missions and Titan kills as possible.

(Another aside: based on my experience, I don’t think your letter grade or the strength of the Titan you kill matters. Nor do I think it should.)

You posited a one year life for a game. If 5* heroes were easier to get, and ascension items were any easier to pick up than they are, then I’d be finished, or near finished, by now. For the game to last a year it has to be a challenge - getting stuff easily is just no fun.

I think you accurately assess the mood of the boards: ‘players are attempting to alert the developers in an attempt to rebalance the game’. The developers seem not to be responding by making the game easier, nor do I think they ought to.

The are lots of good ideas for keeping up interest in the game - special events, new characters, enhanced chat facilities, alliance vs alliance battles, individual targeting, and many more. Changing raid mechanics and increasing the frequency of ascension drops are unnecessary steps.


I think your response has validated my initial assessment. You simply don’t relate to what the majority of the players are experiencing in the game. Coupled with the fact that you were able to capitalize on the mega deal (which has since been removed due to the unfairness it created - see other thread), it is clear that your account has been provided an advantage that most players have not (or worse) will not experience.

So, while I would love to give your assessment more credit, as it was well written/communicated - your extremely limited viewpoint, based on the rare success your account has achieved, largely invalidates your counter argument.

Count yourself extremely lucky. Most players would love to have had a chance to obtain the mega deal or achieve the acension items needed to complete (or at least progress) through the game boards.

As it stands, you may find that down the road you could be playing with a select few players who have also been lucky with their accounts… the rest will have moved on.

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Titan level, top damage, and spots 2-6 are the only influencing factors.

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