Message to the devs about raids


What have you(the devs) done to this game regarding raids. Ever since the last update im losing raids to players who are less and i mean way less powerful than me. It doesnt make any sense at all. Im so confused at why im losing so often now. Please fix…

Raids are not fair
Enemy Raid Damage

To help put a face on it, can you screenshot and post the next “ridiculous” Raid fight you lose, to help the community discuss this?


Hi rook this is the info you wanted on raids that what i woke up today and i only got maybe 25% back from revenging i hope this helps


Posted for Starhunter:


Star, wow! I actually meant an individual Raid (so we could compare your stats to the opponent and determine the level of ridiculousness), but I’d hate to come home to that list of losses! :confused:


Owe i misunderstood but if you looked i loss all those raids did not win one of them


You’re fine Starhunter. :blush:

I was just hoping to see the enemy’s stats so I could determine why he beat you (if such a thing is possible)…was his power too high? Did he have a specific high card(s)? Was he running a trio of healers? What? Just trying to figure out what the common denominator is…


There have been a number of thread regarding the fairness of raids. I’d like to point out the most unbalanced part of raids is the absurd and consistent amount of damage the enemy team does to your lineup. The enemy team’s heroes do max damage against all of your team’s colors regardless of the defenders colors. For example, I recently came upon an enemy team with about the same attack strength as me, that had 3 light and 3 dark characters on the defending side. My side was evenly split with one of each color on attack. I was unlucky and only rolled a handful of dark and light tiles at the start, and was left pitifully hitting the enemy team for approximately 50 damage per volley. Meanwhile, their light and dark players can hit my green/red/blue etc for 150-250 damage per attack without any buffs or debuffs.

I understand the AI needs a boost against a human player, but these sort of gimmick team compositions shouldn’t be able to bypass the core rules of the game. Its beyond frustrating to watch a blue enemy hit your green attacker for 3x-5x more than what you’re able to do to them when the shoe is on the other foot.


Since the update I have been losing mass cups to lower levels in the game this is a issue that needs to be fixed thanks


It’s not a matter of the update, it’s people realizing how the pre existing system works: You get more cups for beating a stronger (better ranked) opponent. AI in the game is shoddy at best, giving the advantage to the attacker. People are starting to play intelligently. It’s not an error that will or can be fixed.


Aye, we shouted it in global loud enough: attack those with MORE CUPS!


The next time you get raided like this post the team power of the raider that took you out and then the actual game level they are at. Also how many cups do these guys have. I might have an idea but I need to see these results first.


It’s just as important, @starhunter67, that you post your own team and let us know how many cups you had at the beginning of your string of losses.

Let me indulge in some idle speculation.

I imagine you’re an enthusiastic player who is into raiding. You have a cleverly set up team and you attack well. You go on a great run, winning a whole bunch of raids and increasing your trophy total by about 300. Then you go to bed happy.

Well now you’re a juicy, bloated target for all the other raiders out there. You have 300 more trophies than you used to, but your actual power hasn’t increased. You are, in fact, spectacularly underpowered for your trophy level, so of course anyone who attacks your team is going to find you easy meat, especially when it is the stupid AI running your team instead of you, the clever player. Under these circumstances it would be amazing if you won any raids on defence.

That’s the way the raiding system works. If you win more trophies than your team can defend using the AI, then those trophies will quickly be taken off you again.


Perhaps here is a better suggestion for the developers:

Don’t tie raiding to game progress (wanted chests). If raiding were completely voluntary (would require changing the current wanted chest to the color - specific wanted missions instead) then I think you will find that a large amount of the negative feedback would cease.

Making raiding completely optional to players (merely a “gloating factor”) takes the pressure and disappointment off of the players that are being forced to raid simply to complete wanted missions… you also retain the option for those players that are actually enjoying it.

This also keeps you from having to actually go into your source code and actually fix the raid matching problem (add additional filters perhaps?) to create better game balance… so you save time and money while we (the players) get a better gaming experience.


I think that’s potentially a good idea. But surely there must be some reward for successful raiding, too? And whatever reward you offer, doesn’t its absence disadvantage players who don’t want to raid?

You have something clever going on but I’m not sure what.


^^ Er, why should there be anything to raiding other than a leader board, the resource rewards themselves, and the tie back to the guild rank as we have now?

Simply dropping the wanted mission… It in this case replacing the raid wanted mission with the color - specific wanted mission, isn’t going to cause raiding to die entirely. Players still use raiding to obtain resources (food and iron) so there is already a reward for successful raiding within the game mechanics.

I have a sneaky suspicion that many players actually don’t like raiding at all… and the developers likely know this.

Personally, I find it to be a necessary evil that detracts my enjoyment from the game itself.


Sorry thats not me i only raid to get hero chest and do revenge but i fix the problem so niw i am getting 50 50 win and loss i am happy with that


^^ my point exactly.

I am glad to hear you are getting 50/50, given the fact that we are currently compelled to do this, I would be happy with those odds also. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:


You’re right that many players dislike raiding: many players post to that effect on these boards. I don’t think that is a reason to eliminate them, though, and I think if you were to dispense with any reward structure then raids would effectively be eliminated. What would be the point any more?

I finished the map pretty early in my play - after about 6 weeks, I think. With no map missions, the only daily challenge left is the raids wanted mission. If there were no decent rewards for it then I don’t think I’d bother, and then I don’t think I would play any more.

Some members of my alliance don’t like raiding. So guess what? They don’t raid. I think that’s foolish, but it seems to keep them happy. That’s a pretty easy solution.


Please share with us: what did you do to ‘fix the problem’?