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How possible is it to make it to where a leader can send a small message to am alliance member? If a member gets on to play and doesn’t go to chat, how can we get a message to them…what if it’s a small, quick message to all members in the alliance. Not looking for chat options here, just a “hey, you missed the Titan, are you ok” or " please come talk to me" or something like that. I’ve got members I’d love to be able to check on and can’t


We all want this. We’ve all been asking for this. There is no way. Sgg has said no to this feature request. Only way to get someone’s attention is kick them out. When they come back asking why, you have their attention.


We change our alliance message sometimes. If folks don’t check it, there is no other way short of kicking them to wake them up. :confused:

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I wonder if SG would allow the alliance leader and co-leaders the ability to send a splash screen message to a team member when the log on… They could be limited to a few pre-written selections


  • Hey buddy, we fight the titans here… hit this one or your out!
  • Quit hitting the teams with 1 1* hero, you are a fool.
  • No, the tiles really are random, SQ doesn’t have a personal vendetta against you
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I doubt pre-written messages would be so snarky. I like the first one though. :grin:

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