Message Raiding

I fully understand that this is terrible idea. However, we should have a say 20 character max response to those you raid and revenge. It is a simple mechanic that would allow us to be our kindest or toxic selves. What say you?

Personally I’m not interested in doing this. Frankly, when I do raids I don’t even pay attention to the player’s name. I just see their team.

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what if I could tell you that … (sarcasm included)

Really?! :woman_facepalming::confounded:

I think you’re making a good case, for why this would be an awful idea. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:.


Smooch jokes!
and all 20 charachters

I know it’s not meant to be taken seriously but

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does it reduce my credibility misspelling ■■■■?

If you need to keep it clean shouldn’t the words be over Vivica’s bosom?

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That’s not skin, she actually has a very high neckline, it’s just in a pale cloth, the same as her skirt.

I’m afraid she’s already covered up :grin:

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Not covered enough to keep extra sensitive dragon eyes from seeing through that flimsy cloth, though. Luckily you gave it shades.

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I don’t mind my Grazul’s fully dressed so security nothing to see here!

Ladies and gents,this thread hasn’t really produced anything constructive.

If you have some ideas about personal messages in game, you can contribute here:

If you just really want to giggle about anatomy (and who doesn’t enjoy a good titter) then this is best enjoyed with friends on a private chat app.


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