Merlin's usefulness?


Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but if Merlin’s power doesn’t cause a Titan to attack itself, then he’s no use in Titan battles. Or DOES HE?

Merlin seems to be a game changer in raids. Couple him with Little John and you can keep Li Xiu and/or Colen from devastating your team.

He would be similarly useful in Event boss battles.



I can’t imagine he would cause a titan to attack itself, nor could I imagine that it would really affect your score if it did. As far as titans go, he’s useless compared to Tiburtus.

Agree with you fully on raids and event bosses though, he should be brilliant.


The titan DOES attack itself. I used it in Beta and it DOES happen. It doesn’t do much damage though, like 300-500 damage.


Yes, the hit is small but the best part is totan has no mana.
Same for raids, the enemy might hit himself


Merlin + cascade attack to make feoes kill itself


He is useful for event too.
There’s already who on the top spot use him, as a matter of fact.


I am powering mine up in hopes he can redirect that lovely 1450 dmg over 4 turns dot that’s destroying my team on the last level of Advanced


Thanks for the confirmation guys. I’m so excited I managed to pull him. Got Natalya on the same pull as well.



He doesn’t direct their damage. They cast Mindless attack. I don’t know how much it is but it’s not that much. Still, the fact that they are draining the mana on themselves is SUPER beneficial.


So I found out. lol.

His mana drain was super beneficial for the event, no doubt… however his low health, low armor, and generally not the highest atk leaves a lot to be desired.

His ability to cause a titan to eat its own attack is nice, but I’d rather drop him to stack the stronger element. He is more of a defensive hero than an offensive one.

For raiding I’d find the special strong, if it was ever charged when it needed to be. You find yourself either looking at a match you have already won by the time he is charged, or a match where you have already lost by the time he is charged.