Merlin's stats

Does anyone know Merlin’s fully levelled and ascended stats are…I received him via a epic summon last quest…so far opinion is not too good of him



He has the 2nd highest attack stat for 4* purple (sabina at 699 is more) and 2nd highest defense stat (Rigard slightly higher at 673).

Thanks…i guess just gotta be patient and keep levelling him up…

Also, “mindless attack” I’m guessing the target attacks another enemy or himself? Only with special attack?

yes, any time in in the next 3 turns if the target gets its mana full, it will attack an ally or itself. which will be awesome on the higher levels where the bosses hit really hard.
…and hilarious in raids.


the target doesn’t use their special, it just drains all their mana like they used a special and does a regular slash attack to either themselves or a hero on their own team.


Think of it more as a 100% mana drain. They don’t redirect their special, they cast Mindless Attack which does about 50 dmg and drains the mana bar.

I’m not super impressed with the hero but I don’t have a better purple. I haven’t found him to have a niche anywhere except the last phase of challenge events when controlling a boss special is that important.

Nice to eat titan specials (saves time), not really needed anywhere on map farming… and average mana speed makes him late to the party in raids unless you get a favorable iwin board to start with.

His special can situationally be very strong, but so far I feel his overall stats (attack and HP specifically) is lower given the niche nature of the special and being a limited event hero

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Yes that’s what I’m finding . I have a fully levelled Tyrum as my only other strong Dark hero and he does better for me

If Tyrum is at max 50 and Merlin is tier 1 or 2 ofc Tyrum will be more powerful. Once Merlin gets to 60 or tier 4, he will be clearly stronger.


Yup, and I don’t think people quite understand how useful in raids and titans any hero is that can completely negate the special of an opponent when used well.

In beta when it was fast it was among the top specials in game, maybe even better than Hel in some situations; now it’s just exceptionally good when used well for a 4*.


Just got two! Stoked!

Which begs the question: Why on Earth is Merlin average speed when we have a fast Hansel walking around with a higher attack stat, attack % (even if Merlin’s attacking an opponent with full mana, that’s only 250%), and better health? Their mana controls both do damage, it’s just one does it only to the target [Hansel] whilst the other is random [Merlin]. & That’s not even including Hansel’s SS shield. Even both of their specials last for 3 turns. Hmm, doesn’t make sense. Only thing I could see here is that Merlin completely depletes the target of mana, while Hansel only ever gets rid of 50%. Still, seems fairly minor in comparison. Would’ve loved to see a fast Merlin, but wasn’t in beta back then. Maybe it was too much, idk.

Same with Gretel though; she should hit at least on par with Hansel at average speed (so 255% to the enemy and minor damage nearby), or mana control three (although, that might be too OP). We do have mana blockers who do something similar; it’s just that whole stopping SS entirely for three turns that could be OP

Hmm, made me think. I do love Merlin, as he was my first mana controller, but honestly he gets left on the bench almost everytime [compared to the rest]. Only one that’s ever behind him is Gretel. He’s definitely fun to play with, just not as practical, but I wish he was. I know he’s still a good hero, but he definitely could use some TLC to make him a top tier 4* again. Love seeing that Mindless Attack in action, and the entire concept of the special, but just wish he was faster, or had more oomph in his step.

So yeah, never knew he was fast mana, but knowing that now really made me contemplate why he isn’t nowadays. Interesting thought. Well, now that I typed this all up, might as well send it even if I’m not really discussing his stats :sweat_smile:

Love you Merlin :heart: Just not as much as I love Proteus or Hansel… Sorry bud


Since I have 4 Merlin, I really wish He can be fast manna again , lol

Well, you answered it yourself. He drains the entire mana bar. That is dope.

Merlin has the same wallet as Jules in Pulp Fiction.