Merlin's mindless attack and classes

It’s quite obvious that Merlin’s SS initial damage will increase with class emblems. But what about the subsequent mindless attack? Will it be affected too by it or by the target’s class emblems?

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In past discussion about how Merlin’s Mindless Attack worked, it was concluded that it’s equivalent to the normal slash attack of the defender:

Based on that, it seems like it would be the stats of the afflicted hero, not Merlin or his class upgrades, that would determine the strength of the attack.


Great question! …and great answer.

That’s cool. :slight_smile:

Ok for stats but will a +x Ranger have a % to bypass buffs, for example?

Great question. I would assume so, since a normal slash attack would too.

@Kerridoc @madmarv Do you know if anyone tested in beta whether talents apply when a hero with the Mindless Attack status ailment hits an ally?

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I don’t know for certain, but given how the mechanics work, I fully expect that a talented hero afflicted with Mindless Attack has a normal chance of using that class ability against its ally (or self).


There was a similar question in the beta lounge where I tagged Petri. I don’t know if we’ll actually see an answer. That one was about whether Cabin Boy Peter’s silence will (or should) affect talents. It’s the same issue as Mindless attack and talents. Whether and how they should interact.

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I guess we’ll have to wait and see him in action, then.
Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

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