Merlin Special skill

Merlin special skill against other heros and monsters…!

Is there a question or just pictures?

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I wonder how much damage a hero can make that does not have an attacking ability? boril or hawkmoon for example

I expect Boril could do more damage. By my understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong), mindless attack would offer those percentages of base attack of the character concerned.

Boril’s 80% of damage received, however, could cause more damage if the damage received is a result of a special attack. The total damage reflected becomes even higher on receipt of a powerful AoE attack.

The down-side, of course, is that you need to receive a lot of damage to give it back… :slight_smile:

Just pictures… for those who want to know… and ir’s a litle disapoiting in some heros the damage that it gives back… i would expect more really… but my merlin it’s yet in a early stage…

You basically want Merlin for the “100% mana drain” effect, the damage dealt is just a minimal bonus


I would very likely use Merlin instead of most 4* heros and a few 5* heroes…first he deals damage, then he’ll drain 100% mana from the target hero (very likely one of the most powerful special attacks of your opponent) and as bonus deals some damage to one of opponent’s heroes…imo that’s a game changer 4 out of 5 times! Wish I had him to test my theory but did not get any Merlin with 17 event summons :frowning:

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