Merlin or Hansel? Which Special FIRES first?

So I don’t have the heros to test this, but looking at both Merlin’s and Hansel’s special - they both seem to activate when the opponent has reached full mana.

My question is: If you attack a single opponent with both Merlin and Hansel’s specials, does one override the other? Do they both activate? If so, in what order?

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I just tested that, they cancel each other so who ever is casted last will have their buff up


Yes, confirmed. It overwrite each other.
It can not stack.
@DaveCozy, that means it should be overwriten with both icon satus ailment.
I mean it need update to this topic:


Yay, thanks! :smiley: I don’t have both heroes, so I’ve never been able to tell if they work together.


Nice. Can anybody test them with Silence? I don’t know if it was already.

Edit: I believe they could all be grouped together in “ailments that prevent casting of Special Skills.”

It stack…


Reminds me of Hansel and Proteus.

The best way to utilize Hansel is to fire and then dump as many tiles as you can into the target. Pick someone close to max mana and you might cut their HP three times.

Fire Proteus, though, and you can’t take advantage of that.

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