Merlin conflicts with Ursena on yellow titan?

I had the luck of summoning Merlin from free tokens in this Avalon event. Now I already have a maxed Ursena and I love using her on yellow Titans. How would stacking those 2 together work in a yellow titan fight? I mean, Ursena REFLECTS the special and Merlin basically drains it, so what would be the best way to play when they are both charged at the same time (average speed), or should they be used together at all?

IMO, if you are mono, better use Ursena reflect over Merlin skill. Reflected damage from skill is higher then normal slash attack.
After Titan reflected, then you can use Merlin skill to get some damage.

What is your rest teams? Ameonna, Gafar, Proteus and Sabina have more attack stats over Merlin.


Merlin’s main drawing point is preventing a special skill from being fired when the enemy has full mana. But Ursena’s main drawing point is to abuse the AI and force them to fire yellow special skills so they get all the damage + ailments (blindness from regular yellow titans is very nice to reflect).

You can definitely use both while attacking for raids and wars :slight_smile: but definitely not against a yellow titan. With just one target, they both have a conflict of interest in their goals.


Thanks for your inputs. Yeah these two don’t seem to have very good synergy against yellow Titans. I seem to remember there was a thread about heros with bad synergies? Maybe this one should be merged to that. I have a Seshat on her way to max, I’ll just stick with her and save Merlin for raids. Thanks!

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