Merger Opportunity

Hi everyone!

Lately we have found a lot of members in our alliance deciding to stop playing the game sadly. We have had a few leave and others are inactive for the time being. We have decided to see if we can find a suitable alliance to merge with.

Here is some info about Assassins Inc

  • We are an English speaking alliance from various parts of the world. From Britain to various parts of Europe to America and others!
  • Cups / trophies do not seem to be a requirement but a similar level to what we have will benefit you vs Titans etc. level 40+ is probably best
  • We currently hit and kill around level 10 Titans
  • We use in game chat and Line chat (a free app on the Play / App store) to communicate (not mandatory)
  • We have a very simple to understand war strategy and system
  • Our only real rule is to always use your Titan and War flags. If you won’t be available to attack in the war, all we ask if you opt out in time
  • Some members chat a lot, some are silent, it’s good either way as long as you’re getting your hits in!

Recruitment seems difficult at this time so we are hoping to find a similar group of players to team up with. We don’t have any argumentative players and there isn’t any arguments in the chat or anything so ideally we would like to find players / an alliance that are friendly and helpful.

We have 16 or so active players, though not all may move.

Let me know if you have an alliance looking for the same thing and we can see if we fit!

Thanks, Joe


Hi Joe,

We’re also looking for a merge and sounds like a really good fit! We are a team of 17, mostly from US but also have Italy, Australia (:heart:), Lebanon and probably some others thrown in.

We’re very relaxed - hit the Titan, use your flags if you’re in war, that’s it. We don’t do highly organised wars - hit who you can when you can. Chat is usually pretty quiet but fires up from time to time.

Currently on 7-8 star Titans but that would jump up a lot with a full alliance.

Please feel free to check us out at Assaulting the Titan Too, we’d love to talk further!

@Sillystar @JadeButterfly over in the shops may be able to help u. The shops are comprised of 4 different houses. They have a fun and crazy atmosphere with similar rules. The main house ( one stop titan shop ) is one of the longest running top 100 alliance in the game. I don’t have fancy ads for them but the Paradox shop has the room for all of u if interested. The founder is mama bear. You can reach her on line her id is mama…bear
(Add the dots )

Hi Joe,

I’m Jade from The Shops family that Mistress of Shadows has mentioned. The Paradox Shop definitely would be a great place for your group to merge with. Silly Star is the leader there but I can help you get started with the merger. Feel free to message me in Line at jadebutterfly75.

Please consider Misfit Toys and Mystic Meadows.

We are both active, fun and experienced and would love to chat with you.

Please contact Rook at chibipotato16 or
me, Ice Saber at saberofempires.

Hope to hear from you soon.

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:


To echo @Ice_Saber, we seem very much like you:

We currently have 43 active players across two alliances (this number ebbs and flows with visitors and former members), which means space for 16 right now.

We welcome you to come take a look and see if we are what you are looking for.


We have room for 6! We are currently fighting 10/11* titans…we see 12*s but still can’t kill them yet. We are levels 40+ (most between 50-70), hitting the titan is mandatory, opting out of war is fine, but if opted in all flags need to be used. We have two groups that have come to us and it has been a blessing, and has worked out great. If you want to give is a peak, drop on in, be happy to see you :slight_smile:

Hi we have the exact same issue we have gone from a strong 20 member alliance down to 14 over the last few months due to inactivity or not using war flags. Im sure our leader would appreciate a merger with you guys and we would make a full 30 member team. If you’re interested feel free to look us up. We have similar rules to you and are not overly strict we just want to grow and become a top 100 alliance. Take a chance, merge with English beer

Just hit that link above

Hi Joe,

If you’re still looking for an alliance why not check us out. We are an international alliance that rules seem to be in alignment with yours. We ask that members hit the titan at least 5 times and use all war flags unless opt out. We are currently hitting 10* titans. We use Line, some members are chatty while others aren’t. We only ask that members check Line and the alliance banner for any changes.

You can reach our leader On Line, Line ID: venomousmind or Abster one of our co-leaders at abster1203 on Line.

We would love for you guys to join us. Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions.

We, Assassins Inc, have successfully merged with English Beer.

Big thanks to everyone and may the board gods be with you!


@averagejoe33 if you are still looking for a home for your entire crew I encourage you to give the shops a try. The shops are one of the original franchises in the game. Their main house is in the top 50 and between the 4 houses it’s never boring. @JadeButterfly @Sillystar would love to speak with u. Good luck in your choice regardless where u choose. :heart:

Or reach them on line here. I have no fancy ads. Im just a wanderer lol

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