Merger Interest?

Hey guys, If anyone is looking for a merger we have 14-15 spots open at ChillN & KillN. We are a strong alliance and have been together over a year. We are just looking for a group that we can get along with and have fun. These spots just recently opened and my guys have been trying to fill them. If interested contact me and we can talk about it. This is our core group and we would like another group thats like us. We have been through things like this before so we know how it is with a new group. All our members are respectful and would treat everyone as equal.
Thanks Guys

line app- j-money discord- j-money#2149

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Hello we are in the same boat but looking for some one to merge with us. A great group very respectful

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We probably have room in Crew to take all y’all! Lol family of 10 alliances ranging from top 50 team to a training alliance. We have something for everyone.

The way things happened I dont think our guys would feel comfortable leaving. We are a good group though if anyone wants to check us out. We are not a dictatorship. Leaders vote on all decisions and we see how the group feels about things. I know thats one thing everyone worries about in a merger, we arent like that. Anyone that wants to come to the alliance to feel things out or check our line or discord chats is welcome and if it doesnt look like a fit, no harm done. And if someone does decide to come you can always leave an alt account at your alliance in case you want to go back. We don’t poach members and we are friends with a lot of alliances in our chats. We can rebuild back up, i was just trying to speed up the process. Anyone is welcome on our discord if you want to just meet new people. :slight_smile:

Yep the same I wish you luck

Any alliance wants to merge with us? U contact me on line: top702.

We are “blunt force specialists”

Here are some of our players.

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Sea 2 Shining Sea is looking for a small group to merge with us! We are all 3900-4300 defense high lvl looking for active players on par wi us. We had several that quit the game all together this summer! If someone wants to join our crew from one of your alliances and speak to us feel free!

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