Merge with Us!

We are The alliance * Play 4 Fun *. I’m the leader Baaah. I’m really active and so my other 4 members. I made this alliance because I was tired of people bringing topics not game related and talking too much or asking too much of me. So we just lay back and play everyday. Small or big, everyone does their part. If you also have an alliance like ours that would like to boost the Titan attacks come to ours. It would be fun to have more members to join forces!

Robert, essel, and Baah would you be interested in joining Leap of Faith? We’ve got room. We’re active and helpful ^^)

You’d also be welcome to join Scythes of Woe. We’re 21, and after losing a few players who got tired of the game as a whole, could use some more titan hitters. We’re very similar to you regarding a relaxed view on the game. No pressure on titan hits, and just all 6 war attacks of opted in.

The Silent Crusaders have room for another 13 or so if you want a casual place to play (although I’ll add the usual use flags or opt out of wars and do your best against titans).

Hi. You may check us out Wadsquad.
We have 25 members and perfectly fit with your alliance.
We also casual alliance, no line or discord. Just talk about the game.
Only rule, 3 hits on titans and use all the war flags (war optional).

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